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The Medieval Ricetto of Candelo, Biella, Piedmont

Borghi Magazine Community The Medieval Ricetto of Candelo, Biella, Piedmont
Discover Ricetto di Candelo

The Ricetto of Candelo, in the province of Biella, in Piedmont countryside suggest the idea and the emotions of a rural world that has been lost. Ricetto comes from the Latin receptum and it means refuge: it indicated also a defended place surronded by fortifications. Among the most fascinating villages of Medieval Piedmont was built by the people of Candelo for the purpose of defending the community's goods as wine and grains, and protect people during periods of war.

The Ricetto of Candelo was built on the grounds of the local Lordship of the Vialardi, it was never permanently inhabited, and served as a community cellar and storage of agricultural and livestock products. It has been preserved up to the present day maintaining the original structure thanks to the peasant matrix. Built with a semi-pentagonal plan, it includes two hundreds museum cellars belonging to private individuals, associations of Candel and the municipality.

The entrance from the Porta Tower plunges into the real and rural Middle Ages, ordinary people and daily life. The Prince Tower on the right, was Sebastiano Ferrero's home from 1496. Sebastiano Ferrero (1438-1519) was the feudatory of Candelo thanks to the duke Philippe of Savoia. Then Ferrero became councilor of state and general treasurer of the Duchy of Milan under French rule.

On the left there is the Enviromental Museum, the Ceremonies Hall and the Wine Museum. To the Ricetto of Candelo you can make several interesting and istructives itinerary about votive frescoes, enviroment, wine and food. Very suggestive are Alpine and Romantic Walks.