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Gravina in Apulia: jewel of the Alta Murgia among archelogy and devotion

Borghi Magazine Community Gravina in Apulia: jewel of the Alta Murgia among archelogy and devotion

Gravina in Apulia, province of Bari, in the South-East of Italy, located in the heart pf the green countryside of Alta Murgia, is perched on the edge of a deep crevasse. The underground Gravina is a secret world with countless treasures: caves, prehistoric dwellings, frescoed rock churches, ancient cellars, tunnels, aqueducts and cisterns dug into duff and calcarenite.The interesting Pomarici-Santomasi Museum preserves the frescoes of the Vito Vecchio Saint rupestrian crypt on the ground floor, and other finds in the ceramics,numismatic and archaelogical section. In Gravina dominates the cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the country. Before the cathedral there is Pope Benedict XIII Avenue with the statue dedicated to him. Pope Benedict (1650-1730) was born in Gravina from the Orsini family. He celebrated the Jubilee in 1725, and was beatified in early 2017: the country is preparing itself to the great event of the Pope Benedetto XIII future sanctification.

From the square going down the staircases between ancient neighborhoods, medieval houses you can reach the rock churches: the largest is that of Saint Michel, patron of Gravina, celebrated on September 29th. Arriving at the station of Gravina is admirable the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace from the bautiful facade of its kind: a majestic golden eagle with wings spread out with a large rose window in the middle. In the eye of the eagle, a piece of crystal attracts visitors'eyes by the glare of the sunshines. Gravina ha culinary specialties like the Verdeca wine and the Pallone cheese.