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Mosset: The Tower of the Scents

Mosset: The Tower of the Scents

Mosset is a village with 300 inhabitants in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, perched on a rocky spur that dominates the valley of the river Castellane, at 710 m of height and 55 km away from Perpignan and the sea. The senses tell us that this is a special place because it mixes the air of the Mediterranean Sea with the one of the Pyrenees. It may be a matter of wind, but it is like the scents of the maquis and the garrigue are emitted by high alembics until they arrive up here, on high pastures, where oleanders still bloom.

Mosset - Francia

Today there is a soft mountain light that rains down from the Pyrenees. The mechanical noise of a tractor is the only one generated by humans: the rest are animal calls and the flowing of water, brooks and fountains. The herbs draw sounds from the wind. The scents settle in the terracing, in the bushes, in the paths, in the dark sides of the mountain: the Municipality collected them in a tower, where they are all available for everyone, the Tour des Parfums

Fra i vicoli di Mosset

The hamlet was created around its castle, founded in the XII century, whose evidence can be found in the remains of walls, towers and gates. By strolling around, you can notice on the facades of the houses various portals of white or grey marble limestone: these are reused marble stones of local extraction, which come from the plundering of the castle during the Revolution in 1789. These types of stones usually have the name of the first owner, the date of construction or enigmatic figures like heads of animals in Romanesque style sculpted on them. Let’s go down this terrace on the Pyrenees: under the beeches and the firs, where there is nostalgia of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fra i vicoli di Mosset - Francia