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Crupet (Belgium), a bucolic village

Crupet (Belgium), a bucolic village

Since 1996 Crupet, in the municipality of Assesse, is ranked among  Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie, the most beautiful villages of the French-speaking region of Belgium. The association now has 28 villages. The  rural Wallonies  plays its challenge between  preserving the past and the need of the people to live in the contemporary comforts.  And it wins. The success of Crupet, that with its less than 500 inhabitants has found its way through tourism, proves it

Considered the most bucolic village in the province of Namur, Crupet is in a region where water is omnipresent. The beauty of the houses of the XVII and XIX century,  nicely huddled in a hollow, is  immediately evident. What do we do here?  The countrymen.  As  in the sixties did some rich people from Brussels and Antwerp,  who restored their  houses, followed by the inhabitants of  the village. Today there are about fifteen historic houses that make Crupet a gorgeous village made of  sandstone and limestone. Along a low and a high road, you can admire the facades and some entrances of the courtyards. The medieval  donjon  stands out in the midst of a shallow stretch of  water.  A little bit  higher up,  to draw attention is the beauty of the place where stands the church of  San Martino, with the square, the rectory and the cemetery. The small village has numerous restaurants and cafes  where you can taste a regional  beer,  the “Crupetoise”. There are many  young people looking for a better quality of life who come here from the city.

Donjon de Crupet (2)

Eglise Saint-Martin de Crupet 2 ©OTA