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A look at Anghiari
Ginevra Bacilieri

David Butali

David Butali

David Butali

Palazzo Pretorio
Gabriele Mazzi - David Butali

David Butali

Porta San Martino
Gabriele Mazzi - David Butali

Gabriele Mazzi - David butali

Anghiari (from the latin angularium, in altotiberino and biturgense Angdièri) was the scene of the battle fought in the year 1440 between the Florentines and the Milanese and then painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Is part of the Tuscan Valtiberina, which takes its name from the river Tiber River running through its entire length. On the origin of the name thesis are different: some argue that derives from angular castrum, referring to the angular shape of its castle, others affirm that derives its name from in glarea. Actually the village is built on a pile of gravel accumulated by the Tiber River over the millennia. Raise in the VII century a longobard castle, on preexistence of roman age (presumably a farm as can be seen from the cell vinaria in Palazzo Pretorio), disputed with the Byzantines. The castle of Anghiari, remembered for the first time in a document of 1048, was first subjected to the longobard faction loyalty of the Counts of Galbino and Montedoglio and in 1104 the place was donated by Bernardino di Sidonia, lord of Anghiari, to the Camaldolese monks with the obligation to found an abbey: the monastery of St Bartholomew the Apostle. Around it, hereinafter developed the inhabited center. From 1104 to 1143 Camaldoli became absolute master of the whole area of Anghiari. On 29 June 1440 the plain in front of Anghiari was the theater of a famous battle, passed into history as the Battle of Anghiari between the Florentine army, ally of the Holy See and controlled by John Paul Orsini, and that of the duke of Milan, conducted by Niccolò Piccinino. The battle lasted a day and was conquered by the Florentines, who thus consolidated their domains in Tuscany. In a sign of rejoicing for the victory, it was established to perpetuate the memory with a Palio, course for men walking from the place where was the battle. In 1503 the Signoria of Florence, headed by the gonfalonier Pier Soderini, turned to Leonardo da Vinci to portray in the Council Hall of Palazzo Vecchio a wall painting depicting the battle. Unfortunately the drying process innovative tested by Leonardo destroyed most of the opera. The latter remain some drawings of the Maestro and some copies (performed by painters of the time) of the central part, the fight for the banner, one of which is among the most known is the Rubens' one, today at the Louvre Museum. The economy of Anghiari today is based, in addition to agriculture and tourism, on the handicraft tradition. In particular the popular activities are the restoration of antique furniture, weaving, embroidery and the pillow lace, the production of artifacts in wicker, the mulching performed with marsh grasses and goldsmith's machining. The Bringoli with sauce fake are the typical dish of Anghiari, are spaghetti with water and flour cut by hand. The Liceo Artistico of Anghiari, unique reality in the panorama of Italian school, is the backbone of a craft tradition of wood never abandoned from the epoch of the gunsmiths anghiaresi. Anghiari is the seat of the Free University of autobiography, the largest Italian center of study and teaching on this topic, founded in 2000 by Saverio Tutino and Duccio Demetrio, who presides over it.

Municiplality of Anghiari
Province of Arezzo
Tuscany Region

Population: 5,638 (4.231 in the village)
Altitude center: 429 m a.s.l.

the Municipality is part of:
Borghi più belli d'Italia
Città della chianina
Città slow
Paesi bandiera arancione

Protected natural Areas:
Mounts Rognosi and Sovara Valley Natural Reserve

Comune di Anghiari
Piazza del Popolo 9 - Anghiari (AR)
Tel. +39 0575 789522

Pro Loco Anghiari
Corso Giacomo Matteotti 103 - Anghiari (AR) 
Tel. +39 0575 749279

Recipe: Anghiari's Bringoli al Sugo finto

The Bringoli al sugo finto (also called pici in other parts of the region) are the typical dish of the village of Anghiari, in Tuscany, consisting of an handmade type of pasta, similar to thick spaghetti but bigger and more rustic

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Next or present Events

  • Christmas in Anghiari
    From 08-12-2018
    To 06-01-2019

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  • San Bartolomeo
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Past Events

  • Tovaglia a Quadri, XXII Ed
    From 10-08-2017
    To 19-08-2017

    Tuscan dinner inside the walls with a story to tell in four courses.

  • The Intrepid. Ancient cyclists race on the streets of the Battle of Anghiari.
    The Intrepid. Ancient cyclists race on the streets of the Battle of Anghiari.

  • The One Hundred Taste of the Apennines
    From 28-10-2017
    To 01-11-2017
    Street markets

    Show Market of rural tourism and the flavors typical of our lands.

  • Festival of the Bringoli and of Saint Martin
    From 11-11-2017
    To 12-11-2017

    The "Sagra dei Bringoli" always has a great success thanks to the gastronomic products present; In addition to the Bringoli, which are the strong dish of the two days, in the stands there is the Brustichino (bread Abrustolito to the fire to which is added extra virgin olive oil of the area and salt), sausages and wine from the vineyards of Valtiberina.

  • Procession of Our Lady of Loreto
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  • Youth Carnival

    50 ° edition of the Folklore event with parade of allegorical floats on the streets of the country, food stands, entertainment and music

  • 43 ª Exhibition Market Handicrafts Valtiberina Toscana
    From 21-04-2018
    To 01-05-2018
    Street markets

    Itinerant exhibition, which offers visitors and tourists a suggestive walk through alleys and small squares, where the artisan and artistic "workshops" will open for the occasion.

  • From 25-04-2018
    To 10-05-2018

  • 29-06-2018
    Historical reenactments

  • Anghiari Festival 2018
    From 21-07-2018
    To 27-07-2018

    Each year the historic centre of Anghiari is home to one of the most exciting classical music festivals in Europe.

  • 2018 Square Tablecloth
    From 10-08-2018
    To 19-08-2018

    Tuscan dinner inside the walls with a story to tell in four courses

  • Autumn Orange Flags - Add a village to the table
    From 06-10-2018
    To 07-10-2018

  • The Centogusti of the Apennines
    From 01-11-2018
    To 04-11-2018
    Street markets

  • Feast of St. Martin and Bringoli
    From 10-11-2018
    To 11-11-2018

    the Galleria Girolamo Magi will host the traditional "Festa dei Bringoli and San Martino" with tasting of brustichino (the classic bruschetta with "toasted bread", oil mill, salt and garlic) sausages, chestnuts and new wine. But the real attraction will be the Bringoli, the classic Anghiarese dish.

Other Events

  • Second Sunday of every month - Memorandia. Modern and antique market.

  • July and August - Anghiari's Wednsdays. Every Wednesday throughout the country, from 9 pm to 12 pm.
Where to eat

Il Convivio dei Corsi

Piazza san Michele, 3, Ortignano Raggiolo (AR)
31.38 Kilometers from Anghiari