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Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago

Views of Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago, One of the frescoes of the Pomarancio in Palazzo della Corgna

Castiglione del Lago, Rocca del Leone
Luca Petrucci

Castiglione del Lago, The art of fishing in the Trasimeno lake

Castiglione del Lago is situated on a limestone spur that in ancient times was the fourth island of Lake Trasimeno (the three islands that still exist are Maggiore, Minore and Polvese), before that the strip of water that separated it from the mainland was filled. The city owes its name to the symbol of the family that in ancient times dominated there; indeed, Castiglione derives from Castellum Leonis (The Lion's Castle), then popularized in Castellioni. Founded by the Romans under the name of Novum Clusium, its origins are still found in the three parallel streets which cut across the country lenghtways (decumanus). Castiglione del Lago's old town centre, still included within the medieval walls, is basically divided into two major sections: the eastern half is completely occupied by Palazzo Ducale and its jurisdictions, and by the Fortezza (fortress); in the western half there is the populated centre, whose arrangement, as well as for the fortress and the decumanus, refers entirely to the number 3. In fact three are the doors to the country, it has three squares and even the Mastio has only three sides. To this day, the Palazzo Ducale and the Fortezza represent a large monumental route, but extremely pleasant it is also the panoramic route under the external walls, along the Poggio Olivato. Inside the town along the Via del Forte, there is the seventeenth-century church of San Domenico, while the parish church dedicated to Santa Maria Maddalena, along the main thoroughfare, is from the late 800 but it preserves precious tables of the previous Romanesque church. In the main square there is the ancient Palazzo del Popolo with the bell and watchtower. Castiglione del Lago, as well as the whole Umbria, is not only a place rich in history and beauty, but also rich in food and unique local products, as the Fagiolina and Broccoletti del Lago, chicken entrails paté and of course the lake fish: tench, eel, pike and sand smelt, just to name a few.

Municipality of Castiglione del Lago
Perugia provinces
Umbria region

Inhabitans: 15.527 (133 in the village)
Altitude Center: 304 m s.l.m.

The Municipality is part of:
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Where to sleep

Hotel Aganoor

Via V. Emanuele, 91, Castiglione del Lago (PG)

Agriturismo Roccagelli

Loc. Meggiano, Vallo di Nera (PG)
75.45 Kilometers from Castiglione del Lago

Where to eat

Locanda Cacio Re

Loc. I Casali, Vallo di Nera (PG)
78.26 Kilometers from Castiglione del Lago

Taverna Del Bordone

Piazzale Pianillo Fantucci, Vallo di Nera (PG)
78.20 Kilometers from Castiglione del Lago

Where to shop

Battilani Sapori

Via Roma, 11, Castiglione del Lago (PG)

Agria Valnerina Tartufi

Via Valnerina, 18 - Loc. Piedipaterno, Vallo di Nera (PG)
77.33 Kilometers from Castiglione del Lago

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