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Views of Gualtieri

Giorgio Andreoli


Greedy Gualtieri

The famous cappelletti Gualtieri


Giorgio Andreoli

View of the square from the three arches of Palazzo Bentivoglio.
Giorgio Andreoli

Located close to the banks of the river Po which marks the boundary with Lombardy, Gualtieri is a village of medieval origins that endured several times over the centuries the scourge of flooding (the last, catastrophic, in 1951). Despite this, it preserved the remarkable renaissance space of the square Piazza Bentivoglio, a perfect square of 100 meters sides, with a portico on three of them. Piazza Bentivoglio was created by the Ferrara architect Giovan Battista Aleotti, called the Argenta. He also realized the project for the massive Palazzo Bentivoglio, the residence of the marquises of Gualtieri, which overlooks the square in front of the Torre dell'Orologio (clock tower). Inside the only wing of the palace that still exists (which in its original extension formed a quadrilateral, lost during the centuries for brick plundering which were intended to strengthen the water defenses of the village), it is possible to admire the seventeenth-century frescoes of the Badalocchio and the rich decorations of the Cappella Bentivoglio. The eighteenth-century theatre realized by G.B. Fattori has been recently reopened and during the summer season hosts a good playbill for theatrical and musical performances. The Palace houses the "Antonio Ligabue Documentary Museum and Study Center", dedicated to the works of the famous XX century painter that was born in Zurich and lived in Gualtieri for the rest of his life. Santa Maria della Neve Church also overlooks Piazza Bentivoglio, built on a drawing of the Argenta but completely destroyed by a flood and then rebuilt in the 18th century. Remarkable are also Piazza Cavallotti, heart of Gualtieri in the thirteenth century, and the sixteenth-century Conception Church in Via Cesare Battisti.

The Municipality of Gualtieri
Province of Reggio Emilia
Romagna Region

inhabitants: 6.556 (Istat 01/01/2016)
altitude center: 22 m s.l.m.A

The Municipality is part of
I Borghi più belli d’Italia

Itineraries: A brief trip on the Po

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Where to sleep

Medallions' Hotel

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 8, Correggio (RE)
18.89 Kilometers from Gualtieri

Where to eat

Il Correggio Restaurant

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 6, Correggio (RE)
18.87 Kilometers from Gualtieri