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A look at Fontanellato

Sanvitale fortress

Fontanellato and its markets

Parmigianino, hall of Diana and Actaeon

The fountain at the center of the square.

the Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.


The village of Fontanellato is located in Emilia Romagna. Funtanlè, in parmigiano dialect, was already inhabited during the Bronze Age and then the territory was colonized by the Romans. The toponym Fontanellato derives from the medieval "fontana lata" (source extended), with reference to the fountains, natural springs of plains that are observed even today in the Bassa Parmense. Such sources emerge on the surface carrying the clear waters that create particular climatic conditions and supply different channels including the moat that surrounds the Rocca Sanvitale of Fontanellato.

A massive reclamation happened shortly after the year 1000 by the cistercian monks of the nearby abbey of Fontevivo. The ancient village of Fontanellato preserves various monuments of interest. Of particular value is the Rocca Sanvitale, placed at the center of the main square: it is the symbol of Fontanellato. The imposing fortress was built in the XIV century and in the course of the centuries has been transformed from a defensive fortress at the residence of the noble Auditors Sanvitale, who then inhabited for about six centuries. The jewel of the castle is the "Room of Diana and Actaeon" frescoed by Francesco Mazzola, the Parmigianino, and represents one of the early masterpieces of the artist. Other places of interest are the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, built in 1514, which draws all year numerous pilgrims; the Oratory of the Assunta with the wooden sacristy of 1720 work of Giulio Seletti and decorations by Sebastiano Galeotti; the former stables Sanvitale; Villa Gandini and the Botanical Park.

In Gastronomic theme, Fontanellato is hosting the exhibition-market of typical italian products The Sanvitale Pantry. Furthermore, at Fontanellato, held the Festival Librogustando, which combines the typical products of quality to publishing italian wine and gastronomy. The typicality of this territory are mainly cured meats, culatello and the cooked shoulder, and the tortelli, herbes and pumpkin. Typical dishes are also: bomb of rice with pigeons, rice with parmesan cheese, anolini and cappelletti, tripe parmigiana, duck and guinea fowl roast, Marinated hare, rabbit alla cacciatore, escalopes with parmesan cheese, fruit tarts and zabaglione. Here you also produces a salami particular: Culaccia of Fontanellato. The tourists interested in buying the Parmesan cheese can contact directly to dairies that expose the classic teaches the shape with the written direct sale. Monthly (the third sunday of the month), around the moat of the rocca, held a market of antique and modern.

Municipality of Fontanellato
Province of Parma
Emilia-Romagna Region

inhabitants: 7.033
Altitude: 45 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più Belli d’Italia
Città slow
Città d’Arte e Cultura
Paesi bandiera arancione

Strada del culatello di Zibello
Unione Terre Verdiane

Municipality of Fontanellato
Piazza Matteotti 1 - Fontanellato (PR)
Tel. +39 0521 823211

Pro Loco Fontanellato
Via Padre Mazzetti 1 - Fontanellato (PR)
Tel. +39 327 2453770

Fontanellato Tourism - Rocca San Vitale Touristic Point
Piazza Matteotti 1 - Fontanellato (PR)
Tel. +39 0521 829055

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