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Vallo di Nera

Vallo di Nera

A look at Vallo di Nera

Church of Santa Maria

Vallo di Nera

Vallo di Nera

Vallo di Nera
Walter Malagoli

Vallo di Nera
Walter Malagoli

Vallo di Nera
Walter Malagoli

Vallo di Nera
Walter Malagoli

Vallo di Nera
Walter Malagoli

Vallo di Nera
Walter Malagoli

Archaeological evidence corroborates the thesis of the existence of remote settlements related to the indigenous peoples of this valley already in the VIII century B.C. In the period between the IV and the II century B.C. began the historical era of Valdinarco and subsequent Romanisation, witnessed by archaeological findings. Since 1177 Vallo di Nera became a feud of the Germanic duke of Spoleto Corrado of Hursligen and, in 1217, Jacopo Capocci formally granted to the inhabitants of Vallo di Nera possession of Colle di Flezano and the right of erigervi a castle in exchange for protection and defense on the part of Spoleto. But Vallo di Nera, for its characteristic of important strategic point of control of the road, was fiercely contested between the status of the Church and Spoleto, in the XIII century, managed to conquer it. Nature and culture find an authentic symbiosis to Vallo di Nera, expressed in the ancient name of the place Castrum Vallis, where Vallum could be traced back both to the fortified place along the valley, as far as the longobardo Wald forest. Thus still appears today Vallo di Nera a stone castle in the midst of the green woods which surround it. The urban plant placed on top of a hill is very compact and is characterized by roads to ring in the plane and by radial ramps very steep. The high tower which stands on the side of the country it multiplies in palombare towers, which constitute a peculiar feature of the landscape of the Valnerina. These towers, originally built with functions of defense, have subsequently played an important role in the agricultural economy of the area, in so far as they allowed a vertical organization of functions: down the stable, above the dwelling, higher up the barns and, on top, La colombaia which provided fertiliser for the fields and meat for the inhabitants. Outside the walls lies the village "I casali" softened from the workshops of the sixteenth-century along the roads which connected Vallo di Nera with the neighboring communes. The territory of high quality landscape and artistic comprises castles and villas of Meggiano, Piedipaterno, Geppa, paternal Monte Fiorello, Piedilacosta, La Pieve, Campore, Borbonea, Roccagelli. Vallo di Nera is entirely surrounded by walls and towers and preserves intact its medieval urban structure, with narrow alleys surmounted by arcs. You recall the Franciscan church of Santa Maria, which contains frescoes (also in the sacristy) of the Giotto school including the famous "White Procession" painted by Cola di Pietro da Camerino in 1401, the parish church of San Giovanni Battista with frescoes by Jacopo Siculo and that of Santa Caterina annexd to the former convent of the Franciscan tertiary with remains of frescoes. The pastors of Vallo di Nera are the ancient and famous, depositaries of the oral tradition of the Valnerina made of nursery rhymes, work songs, stories hyperbolic, that deserve to be heard by those who want to discover the secrets of the Valnerina. The House of Stories was born as a center of research and documentation with the purpose to make known this intangible heritage. Among the products of Vallo di Nera cheese deserves a special place. Every year takes place in June Fior di Cacio, gastronomic event where you can taste all the variety of cheeses of Vallo di Nera and of the Valnerina. Other delights of the area are: trout, truffles, honey and cold meats.

The Municipality of Vallo di Nera
Province of Perugia
Umbria region

inhabitants: 364
Pop. resident foreign: 41

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
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Municipality of Vallo di Nera
Piazza G. Marconi 8 - 06040 Vallo di Nera - PG
phone +39 0743 616143


800 years old: Happy birthay Vallo di Nera

September 23, 1217-23 September 2017: Vallo di Nera is 800 years old. Dances, conferences, exhibitions and music will celebrate one of the most beautiful umbrian villages and its castle.

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Where to eat

Agriturismo il Piano

Località il Piano, 1 - 06040, Vallo di Nera (PG)

Where to shop

Pucciotti Fabrizio farm

Via dei Casali, 06040, Vallo di Nera (PG)