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Views of Garbagna



Garbagna (Garbagna 'd Lissandria in Piedmont) is a village on the hills of Tortona, in Piedmont. Along with Grondona and Vargo di Stazzano he was part of the "Seven Imperial Feudes" granted by Emperor Charles V to Admiral Andrea Doria in 1568 [but in 1568 Andrea Doria had died for eight years and Charles V of ten!] After the failure conspiracy by Gian Luigi Fieschi and consequent loss of their possessions. Independent and immediate feudo its actual autonomy is confirmed in 1575. It remains with Vargo and Torriglia under the rule of the Marquis then princes (1760) Doria Landi until the abolition of the feuds in Italy of 1797, although already under the protection of Savoy since 1738. Recently, Garbagnolo was resuscitated thanks to the local theater company. The uniqueness of this dialect is the use of the Saxon partitive or genitive.

Inside the village do not miss the Contrada, the true heart of the old town. Here you can admire the typical layout of the ancient shops and the charm of the past on all the buildings. As you dominate the town you will find a Castle, perfect for a walk and as a panoramic point. It is a medieval complex, built in the 9th century, of which the observation tower, the entrance door and the city wall are still evident. The Oratory of San Rocco (1580) and the church of St. John the Baptist Take off, the patron saint of the village, of 1714 are also worth a visit. Near the village of Garbagna lies the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Lago, which can be reached with a beautiful walk in the forest, about 2 km long. This is the place where, according to tradition, in 1341 the Blessed Virgin appeared to a sheepish shepherd who was miraculously gifted with the word.

The territory of Garbagna is famous especially for the production of the Cherry named la Bella di Garbagna, chaired by Slow Food. Of an intense red, with the medium long, very crunchy petiole. This duron is a good residue, which in spirit is preserved well, remains intact, does not flake and maintain consistency and flavor. Seeking it as filling for boeries, but also good for jams or raw material for liquor production. But the village of Garbagna boasts other gastronomic excellence and not only:

  • Giarolo noble salami. Nobile because is done with the noble part of the pig, the thigh. The dough is cut in big grain. Great for evening meals in company and perfect if sliced ​​with the knife. Stayed at the right point makes the typical fat 'drop'.
  • Castagnette. Typical dry desserts. They are big, as the name suggests, a bit less than a chestnut and remember its shape. They are made from sugar, egg white and chopped almonds.
  • Rice Cake. This traditional cake is salted. Garbagna families use cookies on the third Friday of May, to celebrate the Madonna del Lago. The ingredients are simple: hand made pasta, milk and, of course, rice. Great if cooked in the wood oven. In the restaurants of the place you also find it in other days of the year.
  • White truffle and mushrooms. These valuable ground fruits are, by taste, among the best in the world. The white truffle is perfect if chopped on fried egg or on white cutter. The mushrooms, however, are eaten in chopped green salad, sliced ​​and fried, or served with cutters or polenta. Use them to dry them for consumption during the year, especially in risottos.
  • Excellence of the restoration of antique furniture.

Municipality of Garbagna
Province of Alessandria
Piedmont region

Population: 696
Altitude Center: 287 m s.l.m.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Città delle ciliegie

Municipality of Garbagna
Piazza della Chiesa 4 - Garbagna (AL)
phone +39 0131 877645

Pro Loco Garbagna
Piazza Principe Doria 4 - Garbagna (AL)
Tel. +39 345 8378208

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Past Events

  • Chestnut Festival in Garbagna

    48 ^ Edition consolidated demonstration of tradition

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