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Views of Montemerano

Pro Loco Montemerano e Marco David

Pro Loco Montemerano e Marco David

Pro Loco Montemerano e Marco David

Pro Loco Montemerano e Marco David

Toscana promozione turistica

toscana promozione turistica

toscana promozione turistica



The medieval hamlet of Montemerano was commissioned during the XIII century by the Aldobrandeschi family on the highest part of the hill, surrounded by the countryside, along the road that from Manciano leads to Saturnia. The square of the castle is very scenic and perfectly intact in its medieval attitude and the houses made of stone. Its threshold is constituted by an arch which opens at the end of a short and steep slope. Also beautiful is the Church of San Giorgio, a jewel of Romanesque art which preserves an exceptional collection of artworks of the Renaissance. In the interior of the Church the famous "Madonna della Gattaiola" is exposed, painted around 1450 by an artist from the school of Sassetta, nicknamed Master of Montemerano. The work has got a hole at the bottom and the legend tells that it was made by a parish priest who, by using the table as a door of a warehouse where it was stored food in abundance, contributed the hole to allow the cat to pass, a true controller and bitter enemy of the mice. We advise you not to miss the taste of one of the most typical dishes of the place: the tripe of Montemerano. Its particularity is that is flavored with a mix of nutmeg, corn, cinnamon, cloves and fresh thyme, and served with zolfini beans, or with tomatoes.

The Municipality of Manciano
Province of Grosseto
Tuscany region

Population: 7,354 (504 in the village)

Altitude Center: 444 m s.l.m.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Strada del Vino e dei Sapori Colli di Maremma

Protected natural areas:
Oasi di Vulci
Riserva naturale Montauto

Municipality of Manciano
Piazza Magenta 1 - Manciano (GR)
phone +39 0564-62531

Medieval village in Etruscan land, Montemerano preserves from its characteristic plant shaped like a heart the imprint of human place par excellence where the contacts are spontaneous and immediate. The historic center is still today enclosed between three belt of walls, to the supreme a hill-garden inhabited by olive trees and cypresses. The village is small - not more than six hundred inhabitants, including those in the few houses that surround it from postwar period and in the surrounding farms - but deserves that you take some the time to get to know it. Starting from Piazza del Castello, enchanted scenery made of light and stone, jewel of spontaneous architecture, uninterrupted sequence of stone buildings with loggias with arches, terraces and flowered windows, roofs at different levels that create a play of lines and volumes of natural, extreme elegance. On the right of the square that looks like a postcard or a film set and that, on the contrary, is all authentic, stretches the "Palazzo", noble building surmounted by a quadrangular tower of the Cassero Senese. The village is inhabited, is not a museum: over the last thirty years has been completely restored, but it was not "made as good as new" according to the taste even too widespread - and often led - of "that good old time", like a script for an advertisement of jams and tarts. People live there and they live well, Montemeranesi of birth and "foreigners" that have chosen to stay here: they work during the day and in the evening they meet for the aperitif or for dinner, between a chat and a glass of Morellino, a dish of Tortelli with wild boar ragout and a tasty ciaffagnone with pecorino cheese and honey (for the recipe turn to the village ladies).

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Il Giardino del Centro Storico offers to its guests four cosy apartments, built inside the Castle of Montemerano

Recipe: The Acquacotta of La Solina's restaurant in Montemerano, typical dish of Maremmana tradition

The Acquacotta is a typical dish of the Maremma cuisine, both from the Grosseto area and from the Tuscia region in the province of Viterbo. The recipe was provided by La Solina Restaurant, renowed in the area.

Relais Ciavatta Country Hotel & Osteria La Frasca in Manciano (Grosseto)

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