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Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda

A look at Tremosine

Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda

Place on a terrace structural that dominates the upper part of Lake Garda, Tremosine is a scattered municipality whose territory is characterized by deep valleys that characterize the zone, including the valley of San Michele. The sample is the single fraction to face on Lake Garda. The first information about certain of human presence date back to the neolithic period: A prehistoric station was found in Locality Pieve and other objects were discovered in the Lis, Calvarice and Castello. In roman age the rich citizens bresciani owned villas and fields in the area where they were also build decent tombs with epitaph. In 1185 it appears that the Archpriest Martino, the first of which you have written testimony, he went to the conclave in Verona for the election of Pope Urban III which invested assets in Tremosine. Pieve, fraction capital, is located on the top of a cliff dug from the glacier. The Garda is m. 65 s.l.m., the capital to m. 423 a.s.l. for centuries has united them one of the most beautiful trails of the world, the Trail of the port. The ancient pavement and the stones blackened walls shelter tell of men and Baratti, of goods brought to the shoulder with fatigue monstrous. Arrived at the top from the terrace on which at the end of the Nineteenth century was mounted the cableway offers a wonderful panorama. Pieve still lives this dimension between the lake and the sky, while the Baldo, the imposing mountain that stretches on the Veronese shore, resembles a guardian attentive and faithful. The Church of San Giovanni of the Hamlet of Pieve, is a gothic style building built in the XII century on a previous pieve. The factory was remodeled in 1712. The Church of San Bartolomeo, instead, is the parish church of the fraction of Vesio. The facade has a portico colonnade, while inside there are a component of Gaetano Caligo and of their seats inlaid wood. The municipal territory of Tremosine was intensely fortified by the Italians during the first world war, especially since 1917 when the first line was stabilized in Val di Ledro. The mountain ridges were the subject of intense work Defensive: were built dozens of kilometers of mule tracks and paths to connect the fortified ridges. They were realized trincerate lines formed by hundreds of strokes, supported by shelters in rock, stalking and fire barriers in the cave, seats for machine guns and thrower, in addition to the pads for the artillery batteries. The stations built during the first world war are well preserved and can be visited. Starting from the village of Pieve and continue uninterrupted until Polzone, at which there was a barrier entrenched in order to block access to the valley. From there you can climb up to the Mouth Cocca, where installations are interrupted. Other locations are recognizable in the villages inhabited of Pregasio, Nevese, Secastello, Monte Nai and in their immediate vicinity, also in positions overlooking the Lake Garda. The eastern slope of the valley of Bondo is fortified up to Monte Traversole, where the line joins the main barrier along the directrix Passo Tremalzo - Passo Nota - Passo Guil.

Municipality of Tremosine sul Garda
Province of Brescia
Lombardy Region

Population: 2,100
Altitude Center: 414 m s.l.m.

The Municipality is part of:
 I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Comunità Montana Parco Alto Garda Bresciano

Protected Natural Areas:
Bondo Valley Natural Reserve

Municipality of Tremosine sul Garda
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII 1 - Tremosine sul Garda (BS)
phone +39 0365-915811

Pro Loco Tremosine
Piazza G. Marconi 1 - Frazione Pieve, Tremosine sul Garda (BS)
Tel. +39 0365 953185
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Next or present Events

  • San Giovanni Battista
    Patronal parties

    Add to calendar 2018-06-24 2018-06-24 Europe/Rome San Giovanni Battista Tremosine sul Garda

Past Events

  • Tremosine Proloco Festival
    Tremosine Proloco Festival

    The Pro Loco Association of Tremosine is 50 years old! A venue to celebrate with music and delicious dishes. Sunday, September 24 in the historic center of Pieve di Tremosine, starting at 12 noon.

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  • The First World War Tragedy from Passo Nuta to Must
    From 23-09-2017
    To 24-09-2017
    The First World War Tragedy from Passo Nuta to Must

    The Municipality of Tremosine on Garda, in collaboration with Pro Loco and Parish Church Pieve, organizes for the European Heritage Days:
    Saturday, September 23 - Domenico Fava and Mauro Grazioli in "The First World War Tragedy by Passo Nuta al Must"
    Sunday, September 24 - Alpine Choir "La zerla" in brescia, animation of the liturgical celebration and concert of alpine and popular songs on the Great War


    Tremalzo Bike is a meeting point between sport, territory, culture and tourism. Not a simple mountain bike race but a three-day appointment where you can put yourself to the test and challenge your own limits, relax, enjoy the pleasures of Garda cuisine and get to know places, people and stunning views. TREMALZO BIKE RACE is the heart of the event. A mountain bike race unique in kind for its difficulty, spectacular nature and attraction. 51km with 2300 metres of difference in altitude. The significant figures. 2 GPM. 63 sharp bends. Passo Tremalzo and Monte Zenone are the day's goals. Side events like TREMALZO BIKE ELIMINATOR, a night-time eliminator race around the lanes of Borgo di Pieve, one of the prettiest villages in Italy complete the offer.

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Where to sleep
Where to eat

La Forra Restaurant

Via Benaco, 24, località Pieve, Tremosine (BS)

Bar Gelateria Tremosine

Piazza Cozzaglio, 6, frazione Pieve, Tremosine (BS)

Where to shop

Natalina Farm

Via Denera, 6, località Cadignano, Tremosine (BS)

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