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Views of Sabbioneta



Looking for a contrasting truth, the protagonist of Bertoluccis' movie "The Spider's Stratagem" is lost inside the grid plan of the streets, the silence and the night lights with blue glares of Sabbioneta, inspired by Magritte's paintings. Thus the cinema reveals the dreamlike dimension of this place, that rose in the XVI century according to Duke Vespasiano Gonzaga's will. He built the city in a thirty-year period with the pragmatism and madness typical of the people of the Po valley. Unesco's decision was easy: Sabbioneta is a perfectly preserved hamlet of the XVI century. Actually, it looks more like a city, even if a small one: in the old town centre there are less than 450 inhabitants. Conceived as an "ideal city" of urban type, Sabbioneta had been the dream of a Prince. Created from scratch by Vespasiano Gonzaga between 1556 and 1591, where there were only swamps and malaria, it looks like as if it has been frozen since then. Restricted in its urban expansion by the wonderful city walls that envelops it in the shape of a star...

Municipality of Sabbioneta
Province of Mantova
Lombardy region

Population: 4,251
Pop. foreign resident: 385

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Paesi bandiera arancione

Unesco site:
Mantova e Sabbioneta

Municipality of Sabbioneta
Piazza Ducale 2 - 46018 Sabbioneta (MN)
phone +39 0375-223001

Recipe: Pumpkin tortelli from the village of Sabbioneta, the flavors of the autumn countryside

The recipe dates back to the Gonzaga era and celebrates the autumn meeting between the flavors of the countryside. A sweet and sour triumph, full of character and with pumpkin in the filling, perfect dish to celebrate Halloween

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