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Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour

A look at Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour

The vineyards

Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour

Grinzane Cavour (Grinsane in Piedmontese) is located in the Langhe, in Piedmont. The name of the small village pays tribute from 1916 to statesman Risorgimento Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, that of Grinzane was mayor for seventeen years: appointed this in May 1832, twenty-two years, maintained the office until February 1849.

The country of Grinzane arose around its castle of medieval origin: a handful of houses that had a corollary and almost round one. Then, as a result of radical restoration of the Sixties of 1900, Le Case Coloniche leaned to the manor was demolished so that the castle riacquistasse its ancient garment. Now the village is lying at his feet, a collection of nineteenth-century houses with the small parish church dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. By the esplanade of the castle you can enjoy a panorama that sweeps over the hills of Barolo.

Each year, at the beginning of November, in the castle of Grinzane Cavour unwinds the world rod of the White Truffle of Alba, which sees the participation of famous personalities of Italian politics, of culture and of the international jet set. The rod is a non profit making organization, because the proceeds from the sale of specimens of white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) is entirely devolved to hospitals, research institutes in medical or other charities.

The castle also hosts the Ethnographic Museum.

Municipality of Grinzane Cavour
Province of Cuneo
Piedmont Region

Population: 1.975
Altitude centre: 195 m s.l.m.

Unesco Site:
Wine Landscapes of Piedmont: Langhe, Roero and Monferrato

the Municipality is part of:
Città del vino
Comuni fioriti
Unesco World Heritage
Unione Colline di Langa e del Barolo

Municipality of Grinzane Cavour
Via Garibaldi 59 - Grinzane Cavour (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 262016

World White Truffle Auction. Among the Langhe, Hong Kong and Dubai over 300,000 euros earnings

The 18th World White Truffle Auction ended with a striking success.

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  • Feast of the Friendship Order of the Knights of the truffle and the wines of Alba

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Where to sleep

Rifugio Galaberna

Località Villa 18A - 12030, Ostana (CN)
64.08 Kilometers from Grinzane Cavour

Langhe Country House

Via Pallareto, 15, Neive (CN)
14.63 Kilometers from Grinzane Cavour