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A look at Seborga



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The principality of the village of Seborga (Seborca in ligure) is located in Liguria. There is a copy of a document dated 954, wherein a Marquess Guido, Imperial Count of Ventimiglia, in departure for Spain, to bring help to king Alfonso, donated properties located in Seborga to the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Lerino. In the document are also mentioned a "Luigi, Emperor of the Romans", Thomas, comite Sabaudie (as well as fratre uxoris mee) and a Raimondo, marchione Montisferrati, i.e. characters and titles to exist in the year 954. However, a donation of Seborga to Lerino by Guido count of Ventimiglia, not datable in 954, seems to be regarded as valid in the course of a process dating back to 1177. In 1181 the Republic of Genoa that had extended its dominions until Nice declared to take the protection of the islands of Lerino and therefore also of Seborga; in reality, in fact Seborga continued to depend politically and administratively by the County of Provence. This situation remained unchanged until the eighteenth century, centuries however characterized by continuous disputes on the entity of the boundaries of Seborga.

In 1666, on the eve of Christmas, the abbot Cesare Bacillon commissions to Bernardino Bareste a mint for the duration of five years behind a consideration of 740 lire per year. There is minted imitations of petit louis from 1667 to 1671. The coins went straight to the Bust of St Benedict and to reverse the coat of arms is still in use. The movement of these coins was prohibited by the king of Sardinia in 1667 and the coins themselves were stigma as fraudulent by the Bishop of Nice in 1672. In 1697 Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy is on the point of buying the territory of Seborga but the opposition of the Genoese who did pressures on Pope Innocent XII causes the sale shall be perfections only thirty years after (31 January 1729). In 1793 Seborga became part of the canton Perinaldo, district of Menton, the French department of the Maritime Alps. In 1805 Seborga was transferred to the canton of Bordighera, in the new district of Sanremo the same department, extended to the East for annexation of a part of the Ligurian Republic. Seborga entered, with the Liguria, in 1815 became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia before, the Kingdom of Italy and the Italian Republic then.

From the fifties of the twentieth century some members of the community of Seborga have claimed independence from the Italian Republic, by virtue of an alleged ancient status of Principality of which the locality in ancient times would have enjoyed, considering not valid the annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia. Citizens of Seborga elect therefore also a prince with functions purely symbolic. The Prince is assisted by a Council of 9 ministers, devoid of legal power. The principality conia a coin, call Luigino (name was inspired by that of the coins minted in the XVII century), without any legal value but used as good a spendable in town; this has given rise to a certain interest in the world of numismatic collections. The value given to the so-called luigino is fixed in 6 us dollars. Seborga has also its own "automotive plates" which, however, cannot be used if not alongside the Italian ones. Are then distributed to applicants passports" and "Driving licenses" the effigy and stamps of the Principality which have solely the function of folklore and promotion of tourism. The Principality of Seborga is not recognized by Italy that has de jure and de facto the real jurisdiction on the territory.

Certainly deserve a visit The Cave of the Monks of the Templars, the Museo della Zecca and that of Peasant Civilization.

Principality of Seborga
Province of Imperia
Liguria Region

Population: 307
Altitude centre: 500 m s.l.m.

the Principality is part of:
Paesi bandiera arancione

Principality of Seborga
Via della Zecca 2 - Seborga (IM)
Tel. +39 0184 223622

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New garrison and change of guard in the Principality of Seborga

New steps towards enhancing and improving the tourist image of the Ligurian village after the agreement with Costa Crociere

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Where to eat

Ristorante Locanda Bellavista

Piazza al Castello, 2, Cervo (IM)
35.54 Kilometers from Seborga

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Via dei Clavesana, 1, Cervo (IM)
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