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A look at Mezzano




Luigi Valline




Mezzano (Međàn, in the local dialect) is located in the Primiero Valley, between the villages of Imer and Fiera di Primiero. The origins of its name are still debated, but the more logic hypotesis is that it comes from latin medianum, due to its central position between the two neaby villages Imèr (from imus, lower) and Siror (superior, higher). The archaeological ruins demonstrate the human presence from the Mesolithic, even if only seasonal and at high altitudes. It is however only after the year 1000 that the first news about the town and the valley appear, which was already well organized from an administrative point of view: Mezzano represented one of the four columelli that composed the Primiero community. In the square dedicated to Bishop Rodolfo Orler rises the church of the patron saint San Giorgio. The square in front of the fountain is flanked by the Orler House. Numerous are the characteristic houses of the traditional Primiero building technique: the Usseri House, probably built by a rich man coming from Hungary, who possessed all the lands of the place; the Canton Grison, with the Tabernacle of San Giorgio; the Cosnèr House, with a fountain inside the stone; finally Lotti and Brusade houses. Near the town hall there is the Cunico House, an elegant baroque palace. In 2010 a permanent exhibition was created, entitled "Stacks & Canzei". The show takes over the ancient custom, still practiced today, of stacking the wood under the house, to dry it, and to be ready to burn during the winter. From here many artworks were born, always using stacked firewood, made by local artists. Every year the show is renewed with the addition of a new stack, situated in characteristic points of the village. In the surroundings of Mezzano you can discover other suggestive places, as the Meadows of San Giovanni, an alpine area very popular in the summer, rich of masi (alpine stables) and wells for the collection of rainwater. Here there is the Church of San Giovanni. The old road that connects Mezzano to San Giovanni is very picturesque, as well as the Molarén's road, which passes through the Tabernacle of Santa Fosca and the stala granda (large stable): a majestic local maso.

Municipality of Mezzano
Province of Trento
Trentino-Alto Adige region

Population: 1,615 
Altitude Center: 640 m s.l.m.

The Municipality City is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Città e siti patrimonio mondiale Unesco
Comunità Montana Primiero

Protected natural areas:
Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino

UNESCO site: Le Dolomiti

Municipality of Mezzano 
Via Roma 87 - Mezzano (TN)
phone +39 0439-67019

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Macelleria Gastronomia Bonat

Via S. Fosca 19, Mezzano (TN)

Farmacia Zonta

Via Roma 72/A, Mezzano (TN)

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