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Annarita Falsacappa

The village of Bevagna, in Umbria, was known for its precious paintings, so to be called "bevagne". The first historical news on Bevagna coincides with the Roman conquest of Umbria with the famous Battle of the Sentinel of 295 BC Bevagna, in fact, was known as the Umbrian itinerary center and for its pastoral and cattle breeding. It became the Roman Town Hall in the 90's. under the name of Mevania. It became an important agricultural and strategic center, thanks to its favorable position at the center of the great viability set by the Romans via Via Flaminia (220 BC), and its river port on the Topino (whose waters, in the Chiascio river and then in the Tiber). Such flourishing will last until the 3rd century AD. During this time it had a remarkable building development, in fact Mevania was equipped with a wall, a spa and an amphitheater, of which the vestiges still remain. With the advent of Christianity there are numerous martyrs, including San Vincenzo, the first bishop and patron of the country. The diocese of Bevagna was founded, historically attested in the lateral council of 487. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Bevagna is devastated by the barbarian invasions of the Lombards in the 6th century. After the conquest  by the Francs, Bevagna is from the 1187 free right commune by Consoli, and is controversial among the alternate domination of Spoleto, Foligno, the Germanic Empire, Perugia and the Pontifical State. An important role for the history of the city and its territory is represented, as is the case with other municipalities in the Umbrian Valley, by the efforts and struggles for land reclamation and the regulation of numerous watercourses. Launched in 1456, the cleansing of the plain plain reaches concrete results in the second half of the fifteenth century, bringing benefits to the farmed agricultural economy, mainly focused on hemp cultivation and processing. It is with the '700 and, above all, during the 1800's, that the hydraulic system of this area starts to have a definite design. Leo XII in 1825 returned the title of the city.

Worth a visit to the fascinating Piazza Silvestri, where the main monuments of the city, including the Palazzo dei Consoli, the Church of San Michele and the church of San Silvestro.

Municipality of Bevagna
Province of Perugia
Umbria Region

Inhabitants: 5.068
Center Altitude: 210 m s.l.m.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Paesi Bandiera Arancione
City of flavors
City of bio
City honey
City of wine
City of Oil 

Municipality of Bevagna
Course Matteotti 58 - Bevagna (PG)
Tel. 0742-368111

The mysteries of Lake Aiso near Bevagna (PG)

A greedy man, an abyssed farm, a child with a dark future, the revenge of the saints and strange fishes... do we need other mysteries?

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Other Events

  • April - Art on the Table. Show local market, product exhibitions and typical tasting dishes, local artist shows, concerts.
  • April/May - Medieval Spring. A showcase of the June Festival (Gaite Market) featuring concerts, conferences and events of medieval gastronomic nature.
  • Second half of June - The Gaite Market. A historic reenactment event that falls every year over the last 10 days over the last two Sundays in June. The main objective of the event is to recreate the daily life between 1250 and 1350. The four Gaite (neighborhoods) San Giorgio, San Giovanni, San Pietro and Santa Maria challenge in four races (crafts race, gastronomic race, market competition, race of archery) to decree who to win the stake.
Where to sleep

Hotel Aganoor

Via V. Emanuele, 91, Castiglione del Lago (PG)
50.05 Kilometers from Bevagna

Agriturismo Roccagelli

Loc. Meggiano, Vallo di Nera (PG)
25.30 Kilometers from Bevagna

Where to eat

Locanda Cacio Re

Loc. I Casali, Vallo di Nera (PG)
28.75 Kilometers from Bevagna

Taverna Del Bordone

Piazzale Pianillo Fantucci, Vallo di Nera (PG)
28.71 Kilometers from Bevagna

Where to shop

Battilani Sapori

Via Roma, 11, Castiglione del Lago (PG)
50.39 Kilometers from Bevagna

Agria Valnerina Tartufi

Via Valnerina, 18 - Loc. Piedipaterno, Vallo di Nera (PG)
27.62 Kilometers from Bevagna

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