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Views of Bova

Comune di Bova

Comune di Bova

Enzo Galluccio

Enzo Galluccio

Enzo Galluccio

Comune di Bova

Comune di Bova

Comune di Bova

Comune di Bova

Silvia Camporesi

Silvia Camporesi

The ancient origins of the town of Bova (chòra tuVùa) are witnessed by the numerous archaeological finds discovered in the vicinity of the Norman castle dating back to the Neolithic period, even if the first testimonies historically documented on the existence of Bova date back to the early years of the second millennium, when between the 1040 and the 1064 the Normans it imposed on Arab and Byzantine in the domination of Sicily and Calabria. In the VIII century-VI a. C. became a colony of Magna Grecia, while in the following centuries it was besieged by the Saracens, the Arabs and the Normans, and precisely with the latter domination Bova entered in the feudal period and it became a county. The city was ancient bishopric (remained the Episcopal Seat until 1996 and was then unified to the Diocese of Reggio becoming Archdiocese of Reggio Calabria-Bova), and followed the Greek rite introduced in Calabria by the Basilian monks until 1572, the year in which the bishop Stauriano imposed to the Latin rite, and he took away every trace of the Byzantine rite and with it all the paintings and the rods, replacing them with statues of the seventeenth-century suited to the Roman rite. The artistic testimonies of this period are also represented by the many churches scattered on the territory with its portals in local stone decorated and marble statues attributed to the school of Messina. The latinising led to the gradual disappearance of the greek language that was considered to be the language of the people or the poor people. But from the point of view of culture Bova remained the capital (the Chora) of the island Ellenofona, that territory of the Grecanica Area constituted by the inhabited centers in which elderly people still speak the Greco di Calabria, a linguistic minority protected by L.R. n° 15/03 and that still preserves knowledge, traditions and crafts that testify to the presence in the time of important civilization before all those Greek and Byzantine. The orographic characteristics natural site not only greatly influence the planimetric structure of the center, a medieval plan, but underline the strategic importance and economic that in past Bova has had in the control of a wide portion of the mountain territory behind. Recent history bears the seventies, when, after important seismic events and alluvial plains, the majority of the population moved on the coast and it rises the town of Bova Marina. But Bova, despite the serious social and economic consequences, resists depopulation and abandonment and continues to remain a common in itself is not linked to the Marina, as instead happens to most other mountain municipalities. This situation causes the interests speculative building of those years are pointing to the coastal strip, allowing to the fact that the precious village of medieval plant is retained in the character of settlements and in its architectural merits. Since the mid-nineties to today is born a new interest toward the town of Bova and are appreciated not only cultural resources but is also recovered the architectural heritage the public and private sectors.

The town of Bova is perched on the slopes of Aspromonte, in Calabria. The natural context in which it is located is affected by three systems landscape of great interest: the Aspromonte National Park (referred Bova is a "Visitor Center"), the park anthropic of the dry river bed Amendolea whose water course has generated over the centuries the major changes physical-structural morphological system of the Grecanica Area, and finally the coastline, this being visible from natural and panoramic terrace on which Bova is located. The fact that the municipal territory falls almost entirely within the Aspromonte National Park, created in 1994, has allowed the spread of initiatives aimed at the discovery of the natural resources and the exploitation for touristic purposes of rich environmental heritage. In fact, the municipal territory, connoted by the fiumare, Mediterranean maquis and hilly habitat is located in one of the most important channels of migration of birds, in particular that of the hawks, brown kites, and of storks. In addition to this there is a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) and it is possible to encounter faunal species protected and endangered as the wolf, the wild cat and the Bonelli's eagle, and an important budget and diversification of the flora. As regards the rural habitats the territory offers several resources are linked to the presence of the fiumare, as the presence of water-mills and mills used for the processing of agricultural products. The landscape, as well as the secular olive groves and vineyards, is particularly suggestive in the spring for the blossoming of broom and wild ginestrello, whose fiber a time was used for textile production of blankets.

The artistic handicraft typical of the area is represented by the machining of wood, from the interweaving of the baskets and the weaving of the blankets of broom. These products are promoted and marketed by Consortium "Palee dulie". For some years there is a cooperative which takes care of the artistic working of glass is the "Ancient Bova Laboratory" where art and tradition are intertwined, and where the stylistic themes of the Grecanic Area reborn in modern garment in objects made.

Municipality of Bova
Province of Reggio Calabria
Region Calabria

Inhabitants: 448
Altitude center: 820 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
City of Bio

Protected Natural Areas:
Aspromonte National Park

Municipality of Bova
Piazza Roma - 89033 Bova (RC)
Tel. 0965-762013

The typical products of the village of Bova refers to the agro-pastoral tradition.

the pasta dishes are the maccarruni with a sauce of goat meat, cordeddi with the sauce, taggliarini with chickpeas. are not missing the cold meats as the capicollo and soppressata, and the cheeses such as pecorino, and lestopitta, a pastry flour and water fried in’oil.

desserts such as Dried Fruit (figs, ficarazzi toasted almonds) are linked to the festivitiesà sisters: at Christmas are prepared the petrali and at Easter the ‘ngute.

L’oil is local producted and also the wine In its variants Fengari (white) and Ambeli (red) Obtained from autochthonous vines. 

Reggio Calabria: weekend between Bova and Gerace.

In Bova, in the heart of Aspromonte, the heart of the Grecan culture, and in Gerace, the historic jewel of Locride.

The story of a locomotive in a village without railway nor a railway station

In the center of Ferrovieri d'Italia's square in the village of Bova, Calabria, we find a locomotive of sixty tons but in the village does not pass the railway and there is no station.

Next or present Events

  • Christmas with the ciaramelle
    From 08-12-2018
    To 25-12-2018
    Religious occurrences

    Add to calendar 2018-12-08 2018-12-25 Europe/Rome Christmas with the ciaramelle Living crib and bonfire. Bova

    Living crib and bonfire.

  • Grecanico New Year's Eve

    Add to calendar 2018-12-31 2018-12-31 Europe/Rome Grecanico New Year's Eve Bova

  • The Befana of the children

    Add to calendar 2019-01-06 2019-01-06 Europe/Rome The Befana of the children Bova

  • The Procession of the Palms
    Religious occurrences

    Add to calendar 2019-04-14 2019-04-14 Europe/Rome The Procession of the Palms Particular sculptures with leaves and olive barrels, depicting women and are adorned with flowers and the firstfruits. Bova

    Particular sculptures with leaves and olive barrels, depicting women and are adorned with flowers and the firstfruits.

  • Procession with the Varette in wood
    Religious occurrences

    Add to calendar 2019-04-19 2019-04-19 Europe/Rome Procession with the Varette in wood Bova

  • Novena and patronal feast of San Leo
    Patronal parties

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  • Feast of S. Luca
    Religious occurrences

    Add to calendar 2019-10-05 2019-10-05 Europe/Rome Feast of S. Luca Bishop of Bova Bova

    Bishop of Bova

Past Events

  • Wine Festival

    As every year also this year will be held the "Wine Festival" in Bova. The evening will be enlivened by music that accompanies those who want to taste different local products accompanied by a good wine.

  • 16-09-2018

Other Events

  • Carnival Grecanico.
  • Corpus Christi procession. In this occasion in the alleys are preparations of the altars, the streets decorated with compositions of flower petals and balconies adorned with lace and blankets.
  • August - Paleariza. Festival of Music traditional ethnic and grecanica.
  • August/September - Bovarché. cultural season dedicated to painting, sculpture and poetry.
  • November - Day of Language.
  • Christmas period - Christmas with the ciaramelle, Living crib and bonfire. 
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