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Lanuvio has origins that date back to preroman times. today’s populated centre was built on the ancient city of Lanuvium yet information about its origins are not completly known. In 338 b.c., Lanuvio lost its independence but Rome granted preferential treatment and the civitas cum suffragio was offered in exchange for a share of the profits coming from the santuario di Giunone sospita of which we can still visit the remains on top of the town’s acropolis. In 1564 thanks to Sforza Cesarini family, the town underwent a period of calm and splendour. It also became more elegant thanks to the masterwork of Carlo Fontana,from the Bernini school, and to Tommaso Mattei, from the Borromini school, as well as the painter Giulio Romano, an apprentice of Raffaello Sanzio. it was almost completely destroyed during the second world war by air and sea bombings. the interesting local archaeological heritage includes not only the remains of the temple but also findings kept at the museo Civico lanuvino. lanuvio’s touristic offer is completed with a list of traditional and religious festivals. 

The Municipality of Lanuvio
Province of Rome
Lazio Region

Inhabitants: 13.632
Altitude center: 324 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
City of wine
Strada dei Vini dei Castelli Romani

Protected Natural Areas:
Regional Park of the Castelli Romani

in collaboration with:
Visit Castelli Romani
Consorzio SBCR

Next or present Events

  • The secrets of the Nuvio

    Add to calendar 2017-10-28 2017-10-28 Europe/Rome The secrets of the Nuvio The visit will lead us between the alleys of the old town, the heir of the ancient Lanuvium, its history has origins earlier than those of Rome. Lanuvio

    The visit will lead us between the alleys of the old town, the heir of the ancient Lanuvium, its history has origins earlier than those of Rome.

    From 15:00 to 16:30 | | know more

  • San Filippo e Giacomo
    Patronal parties

    Add to calendar 2018-05-03 2018-05-03 Europe/Rome San Filippo e Giacomo Lanuvio

Other Events

  • May - Feast of the Roses. For two days are exposed moreù beautiful roses, plants from flower and fruit, bonsai, succulent plants, exotic, lawns, equipment for gardening, Handicrafts Articles, which create evocative landscapes and colored. The exposure of the flowers è accompanied by food stands.
  • Sacred Latii. On the tracks of the Shrines Latini, historical commemoration in Roman costumes of ceremonies and prayers, accompanied by narrator.
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