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The village of Vinci, near Florence, is situated on the slopes of Montalbano, massive hills rich in vineyards and olive groves and terraces supported by the characteristic dry walls. The most ancient part of Vinci presents a plan in the form of almond, unusual in this area of Tuscany. Looking at it from top, it seems a two-shafts boat (where the two trees would be the tower of the Fortress of the Counts Guidi and the bell tower of the church of Santa Croce). The historic center of the village of Leonardo da Vinci is known, for this reason, also as "Castel Ship".

Vinci is the village where Leonardo was born, and therein lies the Biblioteca Leonardiana, international center of Leonardo studies, and the municipal Museo Leonardiano di Vinci, wide and prestigious collection of models of inventions leonardiane realized inside the Palazzina Uzielli and of the Castle of the Counts Guidi, a wonderful medieval fortification dating back to the XI century. Here he also seat of the Ideal Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci, dedicated to the deepening of the topicality of the figure of Leonardo and the complexity of its work of artist, scientist, inventor and designer. To see, along the hilly track toward Lamporecchio, the Garden of Leonardo and the Utopia, of which the Ideal Museum is treating the realization.

The Municipality of Vinci
Province of Florence
Tuscany Region

Inhabitants: 14.604
altitude center: 97 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
Città del Vino
Città dell'Olio
Paesi Bandiera Arancione

Perched during the centuries around the castle founded by the Guidi Counts around the year 1000, the village almond-shaped is a special place where everything speaks of Leonardo. On the figure and the works of the great inventor focus most of the attractions of this city, however not less equipped with other beautiful landscapes and monuments. Olive groves and vineyards spread their delights everywhere in the fertile countryside surroundings, while sumptuous villas lie behind the thick curtains of cypresses and pines.
The visitor who comes in the country will not neglect the Museum and the Biblioteca Leonardiana, hosted in the fortress of the Guidi Counts. The Museum, one of the most important and most visited in Tuscany, preserves a wide and prestigious collection of models of inventions of the great genius: here is an apparatus for projections, a helicopter, a parachute, hydraulic machines and military… dozens of models of tools from the most varied uses, presented with precise references to the drawings and the handwritten annotations of the artist.
Walking through the alleys and trails plunges us, then, in the green countryside in where Leonardo wandered in contemplation, while his tireless mind sought inspiration for ever new and curious applications. You will finally reach, along the ancient "strada verde", to the fraction of Anchiano, where you can visit the birthplace of the great man of Vinci.

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