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Toscana Promozione Turistica

Toscana Promozione Turistica

Toscana Promozione Turistica

Radicofani is a village of the Val d'Orcia, note because they had the lordship Ghino di Tacco. In 1028 the Count Ildebrando IV Aldobrandeschi revenge Contignano Foscolo and Maiza and that they in the following year the donated to the Monastery of SS. Savior of Monte Amiata. In 1210 with a bubble the emperor Otto IV confirmed the possession of the Abbey. In 1293 for the first time is attested to the existence of the Church of Santa Maria in the field, always as a dependency of the monastery. In July 1300 Radicofani was the theater of a clash between the army of Santa Fiora controlled by Guido di Santa Fiora and those of Siena and Orvieto controlled by Ghirardello from Todi. In 1379 took place an armed clash in Contignano between troops allied Bretons of the Farnese and the Contignanesi parteggiavano that for the Sienese, and precisely the proud inhabitants had the better, glorious page of this small village. On 6 August 1390 the Farnese sell Contignano to Cione Salimbeni in 5000 florins. On 18 March 1405 Coconut Salimbeni conclude peace with Siena by sending it also its lands to Contignano. In 1608 the Grand Duke Ferdinando I confirm the autonomy of Contignano. As a result of the grand-ducal law of 1777, suppression of comunelli, on 1 January 1778 the municipality of Contignano is placed under the jurisdiction of the neighboring town of Radicofani.

In the first weekend of July takes place the event "Pleasures of summer", kermesse of valorization of the territory, which develops through a series of events: a market of food and wine products and local handicrafts (annually host is an Italian region, in 2005 the Lazio and in 2006 the Molise), a conference on issues of agriculture and environment, the animation of the area of the Rocca, astronomical observation with the naked eye and with telescopes at the care of the association "Astroturistika" of Sarteano.
To indicate the assignment of journalistic prize "Treasures of the Val d'Orcia" that sees the Commission, among others, journalists Gianni Bag, Giampiero Castellotti, Gianluca Comin and Giampaolo Pansa. Is part of the organising committee for the Vice Mayor John Costa. Among the popular festivals to report, in the hamlet of Contignano, the Sagra del raviolo, appointment particularly felt by the local population.

The Municipality of Radicofani
Province of Siena
Tuscany Region

inhabitants: 1,097
Altitude center: 814 m a.s.l.

Unesco site: the Val d'Orcia

the Municipality is part of:
Comuni della Via Francigena
Paesi bandiera arancione
Strada del Vino Orcia
Unione Amiata Val d'Orcia

Natural Protected Areas:
Area di interesse locale Val d'Orcia

Municipality of Radicofani
Via R. Magi 37 - Radicofani (SI)
Tel. +39 0578 55905

Crossed by the ancient Via Francigena, which also constitutes the main road axis, the village of Radicofani, of clear medieval imprint, is surmounted by a volcanic cliff, the top of which houses the great Fortress, built in 1154 and then transformed by the Medici in the middle of the Sixteenth Century. We climb up there to fully enjoy the incredible views.
We move in the historical center, to discover the small great treasures of the churches of San Pietro and Sant'Agata which preserve inside them five works by Della Robbia.
Strolling through the streets of the Jewish Quartier, take a look at the rest of the ancient village, until we arrive at the charming monumental station "Bosco Isabella", a romantic garden-esoteric built by the family Luchini at the end of the Nineteenth Century.
Along the Via Francigena, built by the famous grand-ducal architect Bernardo Buontalenti for the Grand Duke Ferdinando Doctors in 1584, we find the great "Osteria Grossa". Used up to the end of the nineteenth century as a post station and change of horses, has hosted over the centuries, in addition to a large number of travellers and pilgrims, numerous illustrious personalities, among which Mozart and Charles Dickens, during their travels in Italy. In front of the post station, we admire the magnificent Fontana built for Ferdinando I to watering the horses.

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Recipe: Salted Cookies of the Amiata

Typical of the Tuscan countryside tradition, these biscuits are today the protagonists of aperitifs or brunches

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Past Events

  • Festival of ancient Crafts
    From 01-06-2018
    To 03-06-2018

    The event, which celebrates the artisan work and sharecropping

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    From 29-06-2018
    To 30-06-2018

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  • Medieval Festival: La Rocca di Ghino di Tacco
    Historical reenactments

  • Francigena International Arts Festival

    Lyric RECITAL
    Opera arias from the Verdian and Puccinian repertoire
    Church of St. Pietro Apostolo

  • From 10-08-2018
    To 12-08-2018

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