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Views of Collodi

Toscana Promozione Turistica

Toscana Promozione Turistica

The medieval village is documented since the XII century, is linked to the name of Carlo Lorenzini, author of Pinocchio. The Florentine writer, whose mother was originally the country, there spent part of childhood and it took the name firmandosi, Carlo Collodi. The small village preserves an ancient fortress and aristocratic Garzoni villa with large garden and bases its economy on tourism thanks to the park dedicated to Pinocchio.

The Castle of Collodi, as it is also called, presents itself as a true and proper "cascade" of small houses and climbing on the slope of a hill steep, arranged on the sides of the two triangles which are touching with the vertices. At the summit there is the ancient fortress, to the base on the other hand, the majestic Villa Garzoni, which stands on the ruins of the ancient medieval castle and that seems to hold the entire village. Strolling through the streets of the country it is observed with amazement the state of preservation of the village. You can still admire the stones that slabs small tracks in the midst of the homes, the remains of fortified structures as some ports of the village. Have now arrived at the apex of the ancient hamlet contemplates the beautiful Parish Church of San Bartolomeo, from where you can enjoy a splendid panorama.

The Village of Collodi
Municipality of Pescia
Province of Pistoia
Tuscany Region

Inhabitants: 19.644 (3.000 in borgo)
Altitude center: 62 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
Paesi bandiera arancione

Municipality of Pescia
Piazza Mazzini 1 - Pescia
Tel. +39 0572 4920

All Collodi, slipping down from a hill, watches admired its villa, the wonderful garden, one of the most beautiful that was given to see in Italy, and the Pinocchio Park. Collodi, fraction of Pescia, halfway between Florence and Pisa, at the edge of the charming Valdinievole, is all here, proud of its jewels, and one of its illustrious personage, Carlo Lorenzini, better known as Collodi, author of the Adventures of Pinocchio, one of the books more published and read around the world.
To Pinocchio is dedicated a park of art, architecture, game and environment. Inaugurated in 1956, evokes the novel through sculptures, mosaics and architectures from great Italian artists, inspired by the adventures of the wooden puppet. Outside of it, rises the highest wooden statue of Pinocchio in the world, a unique carpentry work and beloved by children.
If the Pinocchio Park represents contemporary creativity, the complex of Historical Garden and Villa Garzoni lead up to us the signs of an aristocratic past. The Auditors Garzoni were for centuries the lords of the village and of the wide surrounding territories. The villa and garden were born from a desired transformation by Garzoni on what once was a medieval fortress. An enchantment of the eighteenth century came to us almost intact: a monument of artistic taste and well living, to water (whose abundance is characteristic of the area) and to the green, to the ability to create from nature extraordinary scenographies.

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Collodi, a day in Pinocchio Monumental Park

In Collodi, the village of Pinocchio, there is a park entirely dedicated to the most beautiful fairy tale. The Pinocchio Monumental Park is unique and surely deserves a visit, especially if you’re going there with your family and with kids.

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