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Located in front of the sea, along the final stretch of the Cervo stream that flows on the Dianese Gulf, the village of Cervo is striking for its position on the slopes of some of the hills in front of the sea, for the colors of its houses and for its suggestive profile. His name (Sèrvu in ligure) derives from the latin word Servo, 'to offer services'. Already inhabited in prehistoric times, its history stabilizes with the construction of the Castle of the Clavesana, built by the homonymous marchesi toward the XIII century, incorporating an antecedent Romanesque tower, perfectly preserved and today also seat of the ethnographic museum of western Liguria. The hamlet has its original and evocative characteristics of the medieval village, characterized by antiques buildings, noble palaces, narrow alleys where you can find artisans and art shops, arches and stairways that overlook the sea, transforming into frames of that wonderful blue in front of us. Upstream of the country the hills are rich in pinewoods and olive groves, travelled by paths silent. Even on the table, Cervo has remained faithful to its traditions and its history: here it still makes the oil with the ancient technique of cold pressing, the wine is produced with the typical grapes (Pigato and Vermentino) and the dishes are cooked with the fishes of the day. Do not miss the concave facade, the symbol of the town, of the Church of San Giovanni Battista (XVII-XVIII century), which overlooks Corallini's Square, the beating heart of the village. Cervo is very known for the International Festival of Chamber Music, that takes place every year in July and August, where the greatest artists of Europe offer concerts under the moonlight, by exploiting the acoustic potentials of the square.

Municipality of Cervo
Province of Imperia
Liguria region

Population: 1,187
Pop. foreign resident: 133

Area: 3.59 sq km
Population density: 331 inhabitants / km
Altitude Center: 66 m s.l.m.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Città dell'Olio

Municipality of  Cervo
Salita al Castello 15 - Cervo (IM)
phone +39 0183 44911


Liguria: the ancient fishing village of Cervo Ligure, among oil, Taggiasca olives, Vermentino wine and fish dishes

The picturesque tangle of alleys overlooking the sea, the bright colored facades and the beautiful baroque church. Then the extra virgin olive oil, the taggiasca olives in brine, the Vermentino wine and lots of fish.

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Where to eat

Ristorante Locanda Bellavista

Piazza al Castello, 2, Cervo (IM)

Where to shop

Azienda Agricola Il Poggetto

Via dei Clavesana, 1, Cervo (IM)

Edera Shop

Sant'Agostino, 2, Triora (IM)
28.90 Kilometers from Cervo