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A look at Laigueglia

Ufficio Turismo Laigueglia

Ufficio Turismo Laigueglia

Ufficio Turismo Laigueglia

Ufficio Turismo Laigueglia

Ufficio Turismo Laigueglia









Laigueglia is located in the stretch of sea enclosed between Capo Santa Croce and Capo Mele. The beach of fine sand and shallow water and sloping in the clear sea, places of the activities of fishermen who built the magnificent village, have become fundamental elements for the transformation in the tourist center of the country, favoring together with the mild climate, bathing. A few meters off the coast of Capo Mele, are possible fantastic diving on the wreck of the steamship Ravenna, torpedoed and sunk during the First World War and today host of marine flora and fauna typical of the Gulf. Laigueglia preserves the typical architecture and the fascination of the borgo marinaro, with its alleyways, the little squares at sea, tones pink lilac-houses in the protecting shade of the monumental church of San Matteo. The ancient heart has been and continues to pulsate in its squares, streets, in the color of the Saracen tower of 1564, so called because part of the stations of the defense from the invasions of pirates (is the only left of the original three). From any part addresses the gaze, one cannot escape the two bell towers, surmounted by colorful majolica domes of the church of San Matteo. Illuminated at night, it seems to be the guard to the village. The two crosses at the top of the towers follow the directions of north-west and south-west winds. The parish church is the baroque monument that best reflects the history of the country: the laying of the first stone of the new church occurred in 1715, when the reef fishing was at its peak and the population could afford to expand the old oratory dedicated to Saint Matthew, whose foundation dates back perhaps to the IV century. From a ladder that rises from the Via Aurelia you reach the lonely chapel of Madonna delle Penne, built by the Catalans coral fishermen during the XVII century. Ex-voto of sailors and fishermen are also found in the church of the Immaculate Conception (1661): ship models and antique boats that went to pray before making a trip to the sea. Toward Colla Micheri, above Laigueglia, almost to peak on the sea and the home of the famous Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, helmsman of the Kon Tiki, are possible beautiful walks on the trails Verdi, also suitable for nordic walking and bike rides in mountain bike. Particular attention is paid to the tourist reception of families and children, favorite guests of the village. The laiguegliese cuisine is characterised by the fish dishes. Typical are: the friscioi de gianchetti (pancakes with flour and juveniles); the zerri (picarels) and fried squid, typical fish of Laigueglia fished in the Capo Mele; and the fish soup of the Gulf of Capo Mele. Among sweets, very appreciated: the kisses of Laigueglia chocolate; the bread of sailor (or of the fisherman); the marunsìn, hard biscuits made with almonds. And furthermore: é pastes é amanduìa, é papuétte é treie, cakes made with almonds coated with icing with the characteristic shape of paperette (ducks) and mullets, whose original recipe is retained only by a few families originating in place. Every year on the occasion of the celebrations for the patron saint, are offered the balette de S. Maté, sweet pancakes with flour and raisins.

Municipality of Laigueglia
Province of Savona
Liguria Region

Population: 1.785
Altitude centre: 6 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia

Municipality of Laigueglia
Via Genova 2 - Laigueglia
Tel. +39 0182 69111

Pro Loco Laigueglia
Via Maglione 8 - Laigueglia (SV)

Liguria: the seaside village of Laigueglia and its typical sweets, the Kisses.

The beautiful baroque parish church of San Matteo, the "Eastern bastion", the picturesque alleyways and overlooking the sea, then the scent of fried fish, the soup and the bianchetti pancakes.

Next or present Events

  • The Christmas of the Children

    Add to calendar 2018-12-23 2018-12-23 Europe/Rome The Christmas of the Children For the duration of the holidays Laigueglia is confirmed by family with Santa Claus through the streets of downtown, panoramic train, free movies, happy music and entertainment. Laigueglia

    For the duration of the holidays Laigueglia is confirmed by family with Santa Claus through the streets of downtown, panoramic train, free movies, happy music and entertainment.

  • Procession 'Du Segnù Mortu'
    Religious occurrences

    Add to calendar 2019-04-19 2019-04-19 Europe/Rome Procession 'Du Segnù Mortu' Laigueglia

  • San Matteo
    Patronal parties

    Add to calendar 2019-09-21 2019-09-21 Europe/Rome San Matteo Laigueglia

Past Events

  • Evening in the Square
    Evening in the Square

  • S. Matè. Da u Mò e da-a Tera.
    From 22-09-2017
    To 24-09-2017
    Patronal parties

    Patronal Feast.

  • S.Matè 2017
    From 22-09-2017
    To 24-09-2017
    S.Matè 2017

    XXXV Fair of Traditions
    Sailing, Handicrafts, Food and Wine, Sport

  • The Jump of the Anchovy, 5th Edition
    From 21-10-2017
    To 22-10-2017

    The event will repropose the meeting between the land and the sea, with the renewed way of the salt that always unites the Ligurian and Piedmontese communities through cultural initiatives, exhibitions, food and wine and products of the territory, associations, music, dances, poetry, Literature and much more.

  • Children's Christmas
    Religious occurrences

  • Granfondo International Laigueglia

    On the seafront and inland of the Riviera delle Palme, Land of tourism, fishermen and racing cycling

  • Winter Youth Grand Prix 2018/25th Mountain Bike Trophy Classic Laigueglia
    From 17-03-2018
    To 18-03-2018

    Laigueglia meta of young biker: Boys from 13 to 16 years are challenged on a spectacular track of almost 4 kilometers alternating from single track, dirt and technical passages.

  • Spring Perfumes

  • Cross-country skiing on the Beach

  • Laigueglia with beer

  • Triathlon CROSS Laigueglia

  • Flower of Corpus Christi

  • XXIII ed. Percfest (European Percussion Festival) and XXII Memorial Naco
    From 14-06-2018
    To 17-06-2018

    The Jazz Festival is more attentive to percussionists, a great musical event with jazz concerts, shows, didactic courses, art, culture, fun and greetings.

  • Blue at sea, on table, in Square...
    From 24-06-2018
    To 29-06-2018

    Laigueglia revives the maritime tradition.

  • Procession of Saint Mary Magdalene
    Religious occurrences

    With the traditional parade of ancient crucifixes

  • The week of the landing of the Saracens
    From 24-07-2018
    To 27-07-2018
    Religious occurrences

    Cultural and playful activities in the wake of the landing of Dragut the Saracen.

  • These squares in front of the sea
    From 23-08-2018
    To 25-08-2018

    Rassegna della canzone d'autore e della letteratura correlata con la partecipazione del Club Tenco.

  • 36° ed. S. Matè, da u mò e da-tera
    From 21-09-2018
    To 23-09-2018
    Religious occurrences

  • Antiques Fair
    Antiques Fair
    Street markets

  • Pink Weekend
    From 12-10-2018
    To 14-10-2018
    Pink Weekend

    Three days of sport and activities dedicated to women

  • The jump of the anchovy
    From 20-10-2018
    To 21-10-2018

    Food and wine, workshops, literary meetings, exhibitions and shows. Artistic proposals of Liguria and Piedmont.

Other Events

  • February - Laigueglia Trophy. Male on road cycling challenge. 
  • methà February - Laigueglia International Long-distance run.
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Tabaccheria Martini 1937

Via Dante,65 - 17053, Laigueglia (SV)