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Ginevra Bacilieri

Ginevra Bacilieri

Ginevra Bacilieri

The territory of Moneglia is situated on the Riviera di Levante, east of Genoa. The village is located within a wide bay delimited by two promontories, both rich in Mediterranean vegetation and pinewoods: on the west side we can find the promontory of Punta Moneglia and on the east the Punta Rospo one. While the first is entirely wild and reachable only by paths, the second has several residential areas that go up until the village of Lemeglio. The ancient placename of Moneglia (Ad Monilia) appears in the XI - XII century. The village, already inhabited by the population of the Ligurian Lapicini, was a very important center in Roman times thanks to its strategic position on the ancient Via Aurelia. During the VII century the monks of Bobbio spread monasticism up to the area of Moneglia and in eastern Liguria descending from the possessions of val d'Aveto, Sturla and Fontanabuona. In the middle ages it suffered the invasions of Saracen pirates, who plundered the town; in particular, a widespread local legend tells that the town of Lemeglio was stormed by pirates in XI century with the killing of almost all the inhabitants and the kidnapping of over twenty girls and women. The village of Moneglia is dominated by two fortresses. In the east side there is the Fortress of Villafranca, that was erected by the Republic of Genoa for the defense and the sighting of the coast around 1130. On the west side, it's the fortress of Monleone, erected in 1173. In June 2008 the Green Key was conferred to the town: the international environment label for eco-sustainable tourism. Moreover the village holds, together with the Friulian town of Grado, the Italian record of the award for gaining Blue Flags non-stop since 1990: 26 in 29 editions. The main product of this strip of land is the Ligurian olive oil, that obtained the protected designation of origin (PDO) "Riviera Ligure di Levante" a few years ago. The oil of Moneglia goes well with fish dishes and the Mediterranean diet, of which the Ligurian cuisine is one of the highest expressions. The grapevine is also largely cultivated, in particular in the hills between San Saturnino and Lemeglio, from which comes from the wine "Bianco di Moneglia".

Municipality of Moneglia
Province of Genoa
Region Liguria

Inhabitants: 2.793
Altitude center: 4 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Citty of Oil
Blue Flag Villages

Municipality of Moneglia
Corso Libero Longhi, 25 - 16030 Moneglia (GE)
phone +39 0185 490811

Recipe: Moneglia scabeccio appetizer

The appetizer of Moneglia is a specialty based on fish with an ancient history. Simple recipe rich in flavors, tells the scents and colors of the sea and its land of origin.

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Where to sleep

Hotel La Vigna

Via Provinciale. 72 , Moneglia (GE)

Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi

Via N. Cuneo, 34 - 16032 , Camogli (GE)
29.09 Kilometers from Moneglia