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Halloween recipe: Welcome to the Emilian witches

Halloween recipe: Welcome to the Emilian witches


Halloween is approaching: here are our witches! The Emilian witches are scented pasta bundles, perfect for accompanying all of our dishes.
These wonderful florets, extra virgin olive oil and lard are very crisp and extremely satisfying: they are perfect for cheese, salami and vegetables.
Like many of the best things, the Emilian Witch's recipe was born by chance when the ovens were heated with wood and the furnaces, to try the temperature, put in a streak of oiled dough. Witches are also very simple to accomplish, and they are kept very well for days, just put them in a tin can. If you miss a bit, just pass them for a few minutes in the hot oven and come back crunchy.


300 g of flour 0
30 g of lard at room temperature
15 g of fresh beer yeast (or 4 g of dehydrated beer yeast)
little extra virgin olive oil to brush the witches


- Dilute the yeast in 150 ml of lukewarm water.
- Sift the flour on the planter, make the fountain and go to the diluted yeast and lick it in flakes.
- Knead vigorously for a few minutes and combine a salt shaved spoon when the pasta has taken hold. I drank a few more minutes, then make a ball and put it in a bowl of flour.
- Cover the bowl with a damp cloth folded in four and let it rise in warm place until doubling (an abundant hour).
- Remove a piece of pasta (about a third), flatten it slightly with your hands and pass it to the pasta machine through the thickest.
- Lightly drizzle the dough strip, doubling it and pouring it back to the first thick, then gradually through the others until the fourth to get a few strips (the pasta strip is doubled only the first time).
- Brush it with a toothed wheel and, as soon as it is ready, place it on two coated paperboard plates (in the photo, on a sheet of silpat).
- Switch on the oven by adjusting the thermostat to 200 °. Brush the witches with oil and dust them with a pinch of salt.
- Pass the first plate into the oven at temperature and cook the witches for 10 minutes. With the heat of the oven they swell as bearings and, when cold, they are pleasantly crisp.