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Recipe: white tripe rolls of Locorotondo

Recipe: white tripe rolls of Locorotondo
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Tripe is a very popular raw material in Italy, and is part of the gastronomic tradition of several Italian regions, including Puglia. In the village of Locorotondo, in fact, you can taste a typical dish that proposes the tripe "in white", without the tomato pulp.
They are pieces of lamb cutlets cut into pieces, wrapped in parsley and closed with calf buds. They are then cooked traditionally in a terracotta pot, seasoned with onions, pieces of tomatoes and cheese, alternately layered. In dialect, these wonders are called gnumerèdde suffuchète.

Enjoy this simple dish of peasant origins, perhaps accompanying it with local white wine, Locorotondo DOC. Enjoy your meal!


  • involtini di trippa
  • carote
  • pomodorini
  • sedano
  • olio extravergine di oliva
  • vino bianco
  • cipolle bianche
  • formaggio pecorino
  • sale grosso
  • peperoncino


Wash the lambskin gut, preferably with acidic water (vinegar or lemon). With the bud, wrap the well-cleaned tripe leaves together with the parsley leaves.

Bake the rolls in water and put them in a clay bowl. Add, then, plenty of sliced onion, crushed cherry tomatoes, pecorino cheese rolls, celery shrimps, chilli pepper and water for ¾ of the potatoes.

Cover the bowl with a bowl full of water and let it cook slowly (for suffocation) until full cooking.
In the end it will be a tasty soup.
The dish is served with homemade croutons, powdered cheese.