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Recipe: Fennel balls from Palazzolo Acreide

Borghi Magazine Community Recipe: Fennel balls from Palazzolo Acreide
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Belonging to the Sicily’s culinary tradition, the fennel balls are a perfect appetizer or a delicious second course. Easy and quick to prepare, the few ingredients required will give birth to an extremely tasty dish. If you still have doubts, follow our recipe coming from Palazzolo Acreide (Siracusa) and try to cook this amazing fennel balls.


  • 300 gr of fennel
  • 50 gr of Tumazzo (typical Sicilian cheese) or pecorino cheese
  • 120 gr of bread crumbs
  • 2 medium eggs
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pink pepper


        First of all, wash the fennel and cut the base of the stem, together with all the parts that don’t have a homogenous green colour, then boil it. After that, mix the fennel with grated Tumazzo cheese or pecorino cheese, 50 gr of bread crumbs, eggs, salt and pepper; until you get a uniform mixture. In the meantime, boil the extra virgin olive oil in a pan, but be careful and don’t make it reach the smoke point.

        Turn the mix into many small balls (if you want, you can use two spoons and form some quenelles, in order to make it easier) and roll them in a plate, in which you previously put the remaining bread crumbs. Then, put the balls into the boiling oil and fry them. Turn them once a while, and make sure to cook them homogenously. Here you are, you’re done! Before serving them, put the fennel balls on a kitchen paper sheet, in order to remove the excess of oil, and leave them cool down.