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Recipe: the Forma di Fichi Secchi from Casale Marittimo, Pisa

Recipe: the Forma di Fichi Secchi from Casale Marittimo, Pisa
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Here comes Friday and this means we are ready to share with our community another typical recipe from one of our villages. We are at the end of June and this is the right season to eat figs, super sweet and juicy fruits that are extremely good in the dried version as well. Indeed, the recipe that we are making today is precisely the Forma di Fichi secchi (dried figs dessert) typical of the village of Casale Marittimo, in the province of Pisa. In this Tuscan village this dessert is a symbol of authenticity since you will not find one person that doesn’t know or has not tried this popular recipe.


  • Dried figs
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Anise seeds
  • Anisette


        First, you should start by removing the stalk from the dried figs and then you can cut them in half. Using a steel cake ring prepare a layer of dried figs and add another layer of almonds, anise seeds and a bit of Anisette; then make a second layer with figs by adding the walnuts and again anise seeds and Anisette. For the third layer you should put the figs upside down compared to the other layers and add the almonds, anise seeds and Anisette. The last layer of figs should have walnuts, anise seeds and Anisette once again. When the dessert is ready press it with a plate, for example, and let it rest for about a day. Once you will have removed the cake ring, the dried figs dessert will be complete. To store it you can use brown paper and you should eat it after a short period of aging; this type of sweet is excellent if accompanied with cold cuts and cheese.