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Recipe: Salted Cookies of the Amiata

Recipe: Salted Cookies of the Amiata
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Today we celebrate the Italian Republic Day with a medieval biscuit typical of the Tuscan country tradition, the Salted Cookie of the Amiata. This curious eight-wrapped crunchy biscuit was used to accompany red wine while working in the fields in the Amiata Mount area. Today it is tasted with the excellent ham of Cinta Senese, pecorino or crostini and, of course, enjoying some red of Montalcino during an aperitif or an "apericena".


  • Flour 1kg
  • Yeast 1 cube
  • Water a glass
  • Extravirgin olive oil 250g
  • White wine 250g
  • Anise 250g
  • Salt just enough


We start by dissolving the yeast in lukewarm water and combine it with the olive oil and the anise. Let's salt and mix the flour to obtain a homogeneous amalgam like bread. We split and spread the dough to form thick spaghetti than we'll mould in the shape of 8s interlaced. Let us scald them in hot water until they come to the surface and dry them with a cloth then place them on a baking tray prepared with baking paper. Let them cook for 20 minutes at 180° in an oven and allow them to rest until they have cooled down. The Salted Cookies of the Amiata should be served cold and will remain fragrant for several days.


...Good appetite and happy "Festa della Repubblica"!