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Mixed pasta with a Gradoli beans, mussels, Vezzena cheese and cocoa beans sauce

Mixed pasta with a Gradoli beans, mussels, Vezzena cheese and cocoa beans sauce

The Village recipe of the week, according to Campus Etoile Academy, is a mixed pasta soup with a sauce of Gradoli beans, mussels, Vezzena cheese and cocoa beans. 

for 4 people

  • Mixed pasta 200 gr
  • Mussels 1 kg
  • White beans 250 gr
  • Heavy cream 150 gr
  • Vegetable broth
  • Shallots 2
  • Bay leaf
  • Garlic
  • A glass of white wine
  • Vezzena cheese chips
  • Ground cocoa beans
  • Extra virgin olive oil


In a saucepan, put the finely sliced shallots with a bay leaf and a garlic clove with its peel, add the beans and brown it for a few minutes; add salt and pepper and cover everything with 3/4 of broth and cream, then let it cook. Once the beans are cooked, keep 1/3 of it aside, while blending all the remaining part and emulsify it with an excellent olive oil; then sift the mixture and add to the cream the beans that were kept aside. In the meantime open the mussels, with a drizzle of oil, one garlic clove with its peel and a bay leaf, pour the wine and cover them, just for a short time to open the mussels. At this point take the shellfish out the shell and put them aside covering them with a film and a little broth in order not to dry them too much, while filtering the liquid of the mussels in a pan, which you will use to cream the mixed pasta. Finish the dish by laying down the pasta on a lot of bean sauce, add the mussels and the chopped cocoa beans, and lastly add a few chips of aged Vezzena cheese.