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Monte delle Vigne: aperitifs in the vineyards

Monte delle Vigne: aperitifs in the vineyards
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A wine is neither a bottle nor a glass, but the elixir of a vineyard and contains all the sense and aromas of the territory in which it is born and then grows. And tasting the wines of Monte delle Vigne, winery of Ozzano Taro - Parma - means savoring the aroma of a philosophy of life focused on organic, traveling ideally along the paths of an environmental context spread between the Boschi di Carrega Regional Park and the River Park of the Taro. A territory that the company has been aiming at promoting and safeguarding for some time, with initiatives aimed at an audience that loves good wine as well as the colors and fragrances of the ecosystem it embodies. In collaboration with Giorgione's, presidium of the tasty simplicity of the Italian tradition and of the province of Parma, the setting of the territory of Monte delle Vigne becomes the author's frame of the "Aperi-Street in Vigna". In fact, starting from 7 June until 6 September 2018, and from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm, it will be possible to combine a selection - every different evening - of wines to the dishes offered by the Varano restaurant food truck as well as to the cured meats and cheeses of a fragrant corner dedicated to lovers of cold cuts and dairy products. Every week there will be a "guest truck", so the range of flavors and combinations will expand to new and delicious food and wine experiences. Unmissable, of course, the discovery of the villages that dot the province of Parma as Fontanellato and Compiano, to travel even on the lines of history.