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Acquadulci, Sardinia to discover

Acquadulci, Sardinia to discover
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Dive into the crystal clear water to chase waves that sparkle in the sun, surf sailing boat or rowing aboard a kayak to arrive at white beaches. The sea of Chia, in the province of Cagliari, is a universe of colors and perfumes embedded in the Mediterranean maquis and the days slide not only in the kingdom of Neptune, but also exploring the destination. An experience that begins from the hotel Aquadulci, small charming hotel with swimming pool and surrounded by a lush garden, a step away from the beach of Su Giudeu, Gold Medal among the most beautiful beaches of Italy according to the Blue Guide of Legambiente. The adventure begins on board of the schooner Milmar wood, that sail from the port of Teulada to explore the south-western coast, a succession of spectacular beaches and intriguing hidden coves. With the wind in its sails we reach Cape Teulada and then lunch on board and at the return, take a break - among the many - Cala Zafferano, that enchants with its chromatic scenography. The hotel Aquadulci the surprises are also on the mainland: simply walk along the boardwalk that connects the structure to the beach at Su Giudeu and continue until a bead of sand bordering two lagoons, in order to be able to observe flamingos and other species of migratory birds. Not far from On Giudeu, stretches along the coast to the beach of Cala Cipolla and to reach it you pass through the dunes dotted with pines and junipers. Walking yet, you reach Capo Spartivento, with its imposing rocks overlooking the sea: an enchanted world to go by bike and on horseback.

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