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Castello di Petroia: Middle Ages and flavors that are starred

Castello di Petroia: Middle Ages and flavors that are starred
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Medieval atmospheres, food and wine delicacies and a firmament of stars. Welcome to the Castle of Petroia, in the province of Perugia, millenary manor that stands out in the Umbrian countryside, in which to realize a dream: that of a journey through time, which in a few days leads from the medieval world to the mysterious cosmos. The occasion arrives at the end of April, when the fortress where Federico da Montefeltro was born becomes the exclusive scenario of three special events. It starts Saturday, April 28, with a historical dinner in the ancient Sala degli Accomandugi, with the actor Giuseppe Brizi who will transform the stories of the manor into words and sounds, while the guests will savor specialties inspired by ancient medieval recipes. For Sunday, April 29, instead, there is an excursion in the valley that surrounds the castle, together with Aldo Ranfa, professor of botany of the University of Perugia, who will tell the secrets and uses of spontaneous plants. All interspersed with greedy food and wine stops: the event, in fact, is called "Cammin Mangiando" and includes stops in the most scenic sites of the estate, where they will set up delicious "corners of flavors" with Umbrian delicacies. Finally, on Monday, April 30th, the journey will continue in the cosmos: in the Guidobaldo hall and among soft candles, the Astronomitaly experts will project the wonders of the galaxy on a big screen, allowing guests to experience an exciting stellar journey that will end with a dinner at care of the starred chef Walter Passeri.