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Locanda Le Cicale

The Locanda Le Cicale in the medieval hamlet of Varzi, recently renovated, has been a commercial center since the antiquity between merchants traveling through the mule tracks of the salt route connecting the Liguria to the Lombard hinterland.
Over the last few years, this stage-to-travel route has been rediscovered by tourists from all over the world and make our inn a landmark for their refreshment and departure to the next stage.
We have 6 rooms with B&B service, private bathroom, free WiFi and air conditioning.
On the ground floor there is a modern tasting-area and shop that offers the opportunity to taste and buy the products of our appennine. The region's excellence is represented by the Salame of Varzi DOP, which in our case is strictly produced using ingredients of high quality and respecting the natural times of seasoning, influenced by the climate of the high hill and mitigated by the winds of Liguria. In addition, we offer selected cheeses, first courses of the tradition, including braised ravioli, grilled meat cuts and great artisan ice cream.
The wine list is representative of local labels, in particular of Oltrepò Pavese and its neighboring areas. By the glass it is possible to taste wines coming from other territories.

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