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What to see

Museum of the Donjon

the Donjon was the extreme defense of the fortress of Vigoleno, in Emilia Romagna. The high and robust embattled tower medieval, equipped with loopholes and an apparatus to protrude with machicolation for defense piombante, connects through a high walkway to the south tower, from which you navigated to the castle.
Spread over four floors, in which can be observed: a collection of weapons and armour, instruments of torture, fossil finds local and you can follow a path on the notions of military architecture. From the top floor, constituted by the embattled coverage, you can enjoy an extraordinary view over the surrounding hills and the Park Stirone River.
With the guided tour you can visit also the noble floor of the castle with the red room, the blue room, the billiard room and the Teatrino.

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What to see
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