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The Dancing Satyr Museum

The Dancing Satyr Museum

The Dancing Satyr Museum of Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily, is housed in the former church of Sant'Egidio. It takes its name from the piece of greater prestige that possesses the Dancing Satyr precisely.

In addition to the valuable and particular bronze statue, the museum hosts other archeological returned from the sea as tableware and statuari pieces in bronze. Inside the museum you can admire other archeological excavations and research campaigns carried out in the waters in front of the coast of Mazara del Vallo, as braziers made of earthenware of the medieval one spatheion Moroccan of the V century d.C., a acromo askos of the first half of the III century B.C. and different transport amphora of Punic and Roman age.

Hours: 9:00-19:15

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