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The Castle of Brolo

The Castle of Brolo

ll Castello del borgo di Brolo, in Sicily, goes back to the X century A.D. and is located on a picturesque promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was coveted seat of noble, beyond that residence of Princess Bianca Launches, wife of the Emperor Federico II and Mother of Manfredi King of Sicily. Illustrious travellers and artists have stayed in the castle of Brolo, enraptured by the striking beauty of the place. The building in Norman times was known with the name Voab, whose meaning is Rocca Marina, by virtue of its geographical position and strategic. The original complex of the castle remains the curtain wall, the two access portals and a court arranged garden with a hexagonal well, all surmounted by mole of the medieval tower, which rises up to four levels culminating in a battlemented terrace. On the second floor of the tower there is the beautiful boardroom and panoramic balcony, from which you can admire a portion of Saracen coast in the direction of Messina.

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