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The park of citrus fruits

The park of citrus fruits

the Park of citrus fruits of Cannero Riviera is born from the collaboration between the Municipality and the Department of arboreal crops of the University of Turin, aiming at the recovery of the agricultural tradition of this territory, which is historically linked to the citrus fruits for the mild climate favorable. A celebration of past life so that creates a perfect bond with other realities of the local museum focusing on the ethnography. At the park the visitor will be able to stroll among rows of 'local' citrus fruits carefully arranged and get closer to the world of citrus cultivation by explanatory panels and botanical cards available at the citrus fruits House, set up as a thematic museum. Parco degli Agrumi - Always Open apertures 2017 Documentation Center Citrus Fruits May and June: Saturday 14.00-16.00 July and August: Sunday 17.00-19.00 every Tuesday in July and August at 10.00 will depart from the Museum a free guided tour through the streets of the country and to the park of citrus fruit

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