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Pasculli Salvatore Archaeological Area

Pasculli Salvatore Archaeological Area

in the area of municipal property, between the municipal offices and the Scuola media "E. Fermi", there are structures that are placed by the archaic age to the imperial roman age. Inside were found two tombs in the vicinity of a furnace, while other graves testify as the area was used as a necropolis. The funerary objects found inside the tombs are today housed inside the documentation center messapica. In the area there are a road axis, an ancient embankment of channel, an aqueduct, septa of walls and houses which characterize the surrounding area, a veritable cutaway view of life that surprises and emotions. The archaeological area is dedicated to the Ing. Salvatore Pasculli, enthusiast of ancient history, firstborn failed prematurely of Pasculli family that in her memory, it has promoted and funded the restoration and enhancement. Hours: 9:00-13:00 (all year round) FOR THE OPENING, PLEASE CONTACT THE MUNICIPAL LIBRARY "DE PACE-LOMBARDI", WHICH IS LOCATED AT 100 METERS ON THE LEFT BY THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA.

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