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The Messapian Archaeological Museum of Oria

The Messapian Archaeological Museum of Oria

Palazzo Martini, situated in the heart of the historical center of Oria, On spiazzo popularly called "sobbr'Santa Croci", in reference to the ancient presence of the church dedicated to the Holy Cross of Jerusalem built - in front of the actual Palazzo Martini - from powerful abbot oritano Jesuit Nicola Coal, confessor of the Queen of Spain in 1770. The palace is a classic example of baroque architecture of the XVIII century. In the high part of the building there is the coat of arms of the city, in fact has hosted the municipality until 1985. Today it is used for exhibitions and official meetings; moreover currently houses a museum of archaeological material. In fact, it is the seat of the museum of the Messapian civilization that hosts finds related to tomb contexts and not have come to light in the urban area during the excavations initiated since 1950 in Oria. The materials exhibited cover a period of time between the Archaic Age and the Roman imperial and offer the possibility to seize the significant aspects of socio-cultural development of the populations of Messapian in relation to the cult of religion messapica, of the dead and the funerary customs common to the entire area of Salento. Open from Monday to Saturday 9:00-13:00. By appointment on Sundays and holidays.

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