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The Ducal Palace

The Ducal Palace

  • Via de Nicola, 18, Secl√¨ (LE)
The aristocratic residence develops on two floors with a small inner courtyard. The lower floor is characterized by large premises used as warehouses, stables and handouts for the preservation of the products. There is also a small chapel. From a settecentesca perron located in the courtyard leads to the upper floor, used as a residence of the feudal lords. The rooms of the piano nobile are affected by valuable frescoes. Of particular importance is the so-called room of illustrious men in which are preserved the busts of Roman Emperors: Giulio Cesare, Ottaviano, Tiberio, Nerone, Titus and Vespasian. Between the Roman emperors there is also the figure of Charles II of Anjou, whose presence is justified by the fact that the family D'Amato, of Spanish origin, had come to Italy to follow him. In the hall with a disgusting lunettata, are represented the five dukes d'Amato that have succeeded one another in the possession of small feud; Sigismondo, Guido, Ottavio, Francis and Anthony. Externally, characterizes the building, a unique angular loggia consisting of two ogival arches, walled today.

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