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The Biblioteca Leonardiana

The Biblioteca Leonardiana

  • Via Giorgio La Pira, 1 , Vinci (FI)
  • 0571933250
the library possesses the facsimile of all manuscripts and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, in addition to all the literary works of the same from the first edition of the Treatise on Painting of 1651 to important publications until 1910. It also contains more than seven thousand monographs in the languages are more diverse, films, posters, maps, photos, slides, radiographs of paintings etc. also possesses a small section containing the writings of contemporary authors or following the death of Leonardo that make reference to its activities. Opening hours Monday-Friday: 3 to 7 pm in the morning by appointment from 15 June to 15 September: Monday - Wednesday-Thursday: 15-19 in the morning by appointment Tuesday - Friday: hours 9-13

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