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Church of Maria SS. del Monte del Carmelo

in the middle of the nineteenth century the resident population of the coastal village of Torre Melissa, gathered for prayer and listening to the mass in a small warehouse, made available by the Municipality. To meet the needs of the community and to obviate the inconvenience to celebrate Masses, weddings, christenings and funerals in such a confined space, it was decided to build the Church of Maria SS. del Monte of Carmel. Its structure is a "single bay" with the internal trabeation supported by pilasters with Campitello, that are inspired by the canons of the ionic order. The story recalls that on 11 August 1941, during the Second World War, Torre Melissa suffered an attack by a group of bombers of the Royal Air Force. Many bombs exploded in the tract of sea facing the Church, spreading very panic among the residents of the Pacific Village. Some of the faithful, in panic, laid out the statue of the Virgin on the stairway of the Church by invoking the end of every war fighting and the removal of any danger. After this episode, the Community continued to live in peace, even if the war continued until 1945. From that moment the people grateful, decided to fix the festivities in the day of 11 August each year.

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