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Aragonese Tower

the construction of Aragonese Tower can be dated back to the XVI century, during the domination of Aragon on Southern Italy, when were also built other watch towers to defend the European Communities of the kingdom by the Venetians and pirates. The tower, also called "embattled tower" or Torrazzo, it is clearly distinguishable from the other sighting towers Spanish built between the XVI and XVII century. The tower, of circular structure, develops on three overall levels: an internal courtyard with small rooms used as warehouses; the master bedrooms; the crowning. The embattled tower was in the course of the years the property of the princes of Strongoli, family Campitelli and family Berlingeri. Today the fortress, municipal property, hosts the headquarters of the GAL (group of Local Action) High marquisate Crotonese, where are exposed utensils, tools, typical products of local cuisine and in general of the calabrian tradition.

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