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The Monument to the Fallen of Fragala

Ernesto Treccani, Milanese artist, son of the founder of the homonym encyclopedia, donated to the citizens of Melissa, in 1979, the Monument to the Fallen of Fragalà, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Massacre of Peasants of Fragalà 1949. The ceremony also attended the president of the Chamber Nilde Jotti and political authorities Calabrians. During the rebellion there were three dead and many were seriously wounded by the assault of the forces of order. This tragic event had great resonance in Italy and abroad. Treccani was immediately close to the farmers and already in November of the same year he went to Melissa taking an interest in first person of the problems of the inhabitants of the area. The dramatic episode also inspired some of his works, enclosed in the cycle "by Melissa with valence". His interest was reciprocated by the population of Melissa, who chose Treccani a councillor in the town of Melissa.

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