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The Church of San Francesco di Paola

the church of San Francesco di Paola was built in the nineteenth century and is the most recent church built in the village. Was formed on the pre-existing church of Santa Maria of the French of 1690. Its structure has a single nave. There is preserved in a niche in the glass, a suggestive sculpture of 185 d.C., depicting the Saint and of great artistic value, realized in wood of Carpino; next there is the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii. In the surroundings of the building are arranged four statues within niches, embodiments of the contemporary age to the work of the artist Romolo Rizzuti, representatives S. Francesco di Paola, S. Sebastiano, S. Pietro and S. Paul. Inside, the apse is composed of a huge mosaic representing Jesus in the midst of the disciples. Outside you can see the plaque of the XVIII century in remembrance of the cult of San Cesareo and Sant'Aloi.

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What to see
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