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What to see

The mill of Pontevecchio

The mill of Pontevecchio

Before you get to the village of Frontino, on the right you will find an ancient milling complex, which was at the service of the Castle. Unusual because it equipped, unique in the province, Guard Tower and defense. Recently restored, consists of many local and bottaccio for the water reserve. There are two milling apparatuses with old millstones and related equipment operated electrical energy. In another room is running an old milling plant operated with water, as in the tradition, for educational purposes. A series of 21 panels illustrate the history of bread and of the art mill, which transformed the wheat into flour.

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What to see

The mill of Pontevecchio

Loc. Mulino di Pontevecchio

Franco Assetto Museum

Corso Papa Giovanni XXIII, 38

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