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Villa Cipressi

  • Via 4 Novembre, 22, Varenna (LC)
Villa Cipressi is a complex of buildings and gardens, rich in history, built mainly between 1400 and 1800. It was the property of the noble Serponti family (1163), of Baron Isimbaldi (at the end of the eighteenth century), of the Andreossi family, who took care of the Park, of Sir Astley and Sir Salton (at the beginning of the twentieth century) and finally of the publisher Accame. In 1980 it was purchased through a public voluntary subscription by the people and friends of Varenna for a public use. Owned by public corporations, mainly by the Municipality of Varenna, it is managed as a Hotel restaurant – meeting centre. The botanical pathway of Villa Cipressi winds through centuries-old gardens with terraces that reach down the lake and a wide range of beautiful plants of wordwide botanical interest. Some of the species for example are Agave Americana, Arbutus Unedo, Myrto Comunis, Tamarix Gallica, Cupressus Sempervirens. Numerous seasonal species collections.

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What to see
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