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Castle of Vezio

Castle of Vezio

Situated in the heart of Lake Como,immersed in a century-old olive grove, the Castle of Vezio offers a great 360°view of the lake. In this ancient medieval fortress you can visit the tower and the dungeons built during the first world war. Vezio Castle has been the home of a training centre for diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey enabling visitors to understand, appreciate and support the ancient art of falconry. The training of our animals takes place, weather permitting, in the garden of the Castle, in order to give visitors the opportunity to take photos, to see the various specimens up close and during the flight to be treated to talks by the falconer about the history of falconery, its modern use, biology and training. The raptors are on display on the days when their flights are scheduled, weather permitting, after which they are housed in their shelters.

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What to see
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